Irish Lotto bosses reveal the winning location of a €1 million EuroMillions ticket

LOTTO bosses have revealed the winning location of last night’s life-changing Euromillions ticket, which saw an Irish punter win more than €1 million.

A National Lottery player in Co Mayo is officially starting his weekend as Ireland’s newest millionaire after the EuroMillions ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ draw.


Last night’s EuroMillions draw included a special lottery event that guaranteed a brand new millionaire in IrelandCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Last night’s EuroMillions draw included a special lottery event that guaranteed a brand new millionaire in Ireland.

The winning ticket worth €1,005,000 was won by a player in Mayo who bought his ticket via the National Lottery app.

Lotto bosses confirmed that a notification has now been sent to the user’s online account and a separate email to the lucky Mayo ticket holder.

The newly minted millionaire now officially becomes the 35th National Lottery millionaire of 2023, surpassing the number of annual lottery millionaires not seen since 2011.

Typically, ten players in Ireland win €5,000 in the ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ in each EuroMillions draw.

Last night’s draw saw another €1 million added to the special lottery draw, and among the ten €5,000 winners, one of those winners won a further €1 million.

The winning lottery code ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ in last night’s EuroMillions draw, which is worth €1,005,000 million to one online player, was I-PWF-70160.

There were more than 46,000 prize winners in Ireland in Friday’s EuroMillions draw, and there was one winner of the €17 million jackpot prize won in Spain.


A National Lottery spokesperson said: “It’s been an incredible 2023 for our players, with 35 millionaires so far, and we still have two months of the year to go!

“This is the highest number of millionaires made in the National Lottery since 2011, and we look forward to meeting our latest Mayo winner to join in the celebrations.

“We are asking all our online players to check their National Lottery accounts and tickets very carefully today as they have received a notification and email informing them of their prize.

“Our big Mayo winner should contact our prize claims team on 1800 666 222 or email [email protected] and arrangements will be made for them to claim their prizes.”

In addition, the National Lottery continues to urge Lotto players in Monaghan to check their old tickets from Saturday 19 August as a prize worth €1,000,500 remains unclaimed.


The Monaghan player won the €1,000,500 prize in a special Lotto Plus Raffle draw event last August and now has just three weeks to claim his life-changing prize.

The winning ticket number for the draw on Saturday August 19 was 3249.

Each of the tickets with the winning Lotto Plus Raffle number drawn in the Saturday 19 August draw was entered into a one-off random draw where one ticket was selected to win an additional €1 million prize.

While each ticket holder with the winning ticket number won €500, one player won €1 million, in addition to the usual prize of €500.

The winning Quick Pick ticket was purchased from Centra on Main Street in Emyvale, Co. on Thursday, August 17. Monaghan.

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Because ticket holders have 90 days from the draw date to claim their prize, the claim deadline for this prize closes on Friday, November 17.

The National Lottery has encouraged Lotto players across the country, who live locally in the area or are passing through and may have purchased a Lotto ticket at Emyvale Main Street, to check their old tickets as soon as possible.

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