Heidi Klum stuns fans like a peacock at her annual Halloween party: PICS

Heidi Klum move aside like a worm. The actress outdid herself at this year’s Halloween party, dressing up as a peacock in an elaborate costume that required several others.

The German-American supermodel, 50, appeared on the red carpet alongside at least nine backup dancers and her husband, Tom Kaulitz, dressed as a peacock egg.

Klum took to the carpet along with the dancers who put on a show – complete with gymnastics routine and choreography – as the group gathered to reveal the model in the front as the peacock head and the dancers as the peacock plume.

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Speaking to ET from the Carpet, Klum said she wanted to incorporate movement into the look this year and thought it would be the perfect way to create a fun and versatile look.

Klum teased this year’s impressive look earlier this week at an Amazon Live event, where she noted that she feels pressure to outdo herself every year. This year’s look, she said, is more comfortable than last year’s look as a giant, slithering earthwormmeaning she can stay in costume until the end of her party.

At the time of the preview event, Klum told the audience that she still had eight hours of preparations to go. She appeared on camera wearing a red tulle cape and elaborate prosthetic makeup in what looked like an alien creature that served as a huge red herring. .

She also said her costume for that evening’s event would allow her to walk, possibly swim and speak in another language. She also said she thought this year’s look is better than last year’s huge worm outing.

This year’s event is the 22nd annual Halloween Party, hosted by Klum and presented by Patron El Alto at Marquee New York.

Guests attending the bash included Taylor Lautner, Keegan Michael Key, Alix Earle and Emma Norton.

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Every year the model and America has talent right host A star-studded Halloween bash, where she serves as headliner whatever over-the-top costume she came up with.

“To me, it’s epic when all of a sudden gifs are being made and everyone is talking about it, it’s in the news and people are laughing,” Klum told ET of her Halloween looks. “Then for me it’s: ‘Okay, this was a really good one.’

Klum explained that it “takes a lot of time to plan my Halloween costume,” and that it can be difficult to actually try it on because “a lot of these things are done with prosthetics.”

See more of Klum’s breathtaking costumes below:

“And these prosthetics are very expensive and once you use them you can’t take them out and you can’t put them back in,” she added. “It’s one and done.”

Although that doesn’t mean the costumes are simply thrown away never to be seen again. Klum even said she keeps them all.

“I have every costume I’ve ever worn,” Klum explained. “I’m a hoarder just because of my regular, normal clothes, so why wouldn’t I hoard my costumes?”

In recent years, Klum has dressed up as Fiona Shrek, Jessica Rabbit out Who framed Roger Rabbitan alien science experiment gone wrong, a butterfly, and Michael Jackson from the “Thriller” music video, to name a few.

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