Son Heung-min embraces everything ‘Angeball’ to make scoreless run against sluggish Newcastle

Good afternoon and welcome to our live blog of Spurs vs Newcastle, the match comes to us from the beautiful stadium in North London and we kick off at 4.30pm. The team news should reach us about an hour before that and in the meantime we will do plenty of build-up, chat and speculation.

Two intriguing teams in interesting phases. Newcastle seemed to be making the most of the cash injection and Eddie Howe has had a lot of good reviews of late, but things have become a lot trickier in recent weeks. They have some injury problems and the results are not great.

Life after Harry Kane started exciting for Spurs, but they are in poor form and while it seems the locals are still very excited about Ange, they probably need to start winning soon or he will be in trouble.

Eddie How thinks the key for Newcastle is Bruno Guimaraes.

He said: “You need your top players to play really well when you’re in a situation like this that we’re in now, and I think Bruno has certainly done that.

“I thought Manchester United and Chelsea were up there with his best performances, and the first half against PSG.

“I think he was very, very good with the ball, very creative, and managed to connect with the players in front of him. But I also thought he was very good off the ball, physically excellent and pressing very well.

“He is such an important person for that part of the game for us that it is physically hard work for him, but he is able to repeat the physical effort that we need, so I think his game is at a very good place.

“It has to be for us to perform well, because he is actually at the basis of everything.”

And Spurs boss Ange Postecoglou says: “The pressure is the pressure, you know.

“It’s always there, it’s just how you deal with it and I’ve never let it guide my path or my way forward.

“For me, I don’t have a three- or five-year plan that guarantees success. What I do have is a plan that I believe will get us where we need to be.

“How long does that take? Don’t know. It depends on how we stay disciplined and stick to the path.

“It’s about how focused you are and how committed you are to following the path you’re on. I am steadfast in that, I just won’t give in. I just think that I think this is the best path forward.”

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