Residents of Surrey are without water due to problems at treatment plants

In addition to Godalming, residents of the nearby villages of Milford, Witley and Bramley reported disruptions.

Mr Hunt said the next question was the potential impact on schools on Monday if the incident was not resolved.

“Also receiving messages from pubs that have lost business due to closing on a busy day – big, big impact on a lot of people,” Mr Hunt added.

There are plans to supply the water station at Crown Court Car Park on Sunday evening and both stations will be open until 9pm GMT.

Supermarkets said people were panicking about buying bottled water and Waitrose in Godalming said it had sold out.

As traffic increased in the city, Mr Follows urged people who did not need to go out to get bottled water to avoid doing so.

“Try to carpool so there isn’t excessive traffic,” he said.

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