The best boutique hotels in Edinburgh for a winter weekend break

If there’s one thing Edinburgh isn’t short of, it’s visitors; nor is there any shortage of flagship hotels to accommodate them. But just as much of the fascination of Edinburgh lies in its variety – from the historic drama of the Old Town to the architectural elegance of the New Town. And of course not forgetting the considerable attractions of smaller neighbourhoods such as Stockbridge for shopping or Leith for its thriving food scene. 

The same applies to this choice of hotels, from the quirkily imaginative to the quietly stylish. All of them can be described as boutique in size and style, but no two are the same, from a surprisingly luxurious lighthouse supply ship in Leith to outrageously opulent hotel suites that are as much stage setting as accommodation. Whether it’s budget-friendly urban chic, old-school glamour or a deliciously discreet hideaway you’re after, start here with Edinburgh’s best boutique hotels.

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