Woman sparks debate about paying relatives to babysit

A normal part of having children is sometimes needing a last-minute babysitter, and a relative can be a good option.

Kaitlyn Wilson recently took to TikTok to share how shocked she was that family members get paid in some circumstances to watch their relatives. “I was not even aware that someone would think of charging their family member for babysitting their kid(s) occasionally,” she captioned her video.

“I was telling somebody the other day that I watch my nephew for my sister, once a week roughly or just whenever she needs, and they were so shocked that I did it for free,” her clip began.

“Like, are other people’s families out here charging them to watch their kids for a few hours? That’s absolutely absurd if they are.”

Wilson continued to explain why she offers her services for free.

“I get the opportunity to create a relationship with my nephew by babysitting him and being around him,” she said.

“The fact that other people feel like they would need to be paid to hang out with their nieces, nephews, grandkids… is so messed up. And I swear, it will be those same adults at family parties being like, ‘Oh my god, why doesn’t so-and-so want to hug me or talk to me?’ They don’t f***ing know you, dude. I feel like it’s not that hard to show up for and support people in your family, especially if you live near them.”

After her video was posted, it went on to receive more than 300,000 views. However, some comments were torn between those who agreed with Wilson and those who had some conditions to her rule.

Some people agreed with Wilson’s opinion, telling their own stories about relatives who even refused payment when offered.

“My mom, sisters, and MIL would throw themselves into oncoming traffic before accepting payment for watching my son,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “It’s not even just that it’s my nephew, it’s that that’s my SISTER. Like why would I ask my sister to pay me for a favour? She would do the same for me.”

“I… help my sister with her three toddlers twice a week. People think I’m crazy. I’m African, it’s the norm to help out your siblings. Plus I love her,” a third TikToker wrote.

“My parents say they should pay ME for letting them babysit my son – a relationship is priceless,” a fourth pointed out.

Others agreed that while their relatives might not need to be paid in all circumstances, there should be some type of payment.

“I generally agree, except for older siblings. I’m begging y’all to please pay your teens for babysitting instead of parentifying them,” one commenter wrote.

“We pay each other in treats and random errands,” another person pointed out as a suggestion.

A third commenter said: “Yep. If it’s consistent, I’m not doing a full time job without pay. If it’s a date night, free. But Monday through Friday? That’s a job.”

Another user agreed, writing: “I could see paying if it was a set schedule thing, like M-F all day, but otherwise it should be a ‘I help with this, you help with something I need.’”

The Independent has contacted Wilson for comment.

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