Their dinner cost $4,600. So who should pay the bill?

A TikTok video of a dinner party arguing resulted in an internet uproar over how best to split the check at the end of a meal.

Victor Christian (@Viccgotti) shared the controversial ending to a birthday celebration with friends on 17 July that has now reached more than 14.4 million views. In the video, Christian focused the camera on the group’s discussion whether or not they should all split the bill. He said: “I’m only paying for what’s on the check, I’m not splitting the bill.”

Christian, along with one other friend, agreed that everyone should only pay for what they consumed, so no one is left paying for what they didn’t have. The longer version of the video, uploaded later that day, revealed that the total amount for the dinner was $4,600.

“Y’ALL STORY TIME THIS GIRL WAS MY BEST FRIEND SINCE THE third grade … and she got in front of her other friends and started acting funny with me they call me and our friends broke because we didn’t want to pay a $4,600 bill,” his caption read.

In Christian’s second post, he captured a woman saying she shouldn’t be forced to pay for dinner because it’s her birthday. However, the TikToker said he believed that, because he and another friend didn’t drink, they should not need to pay for the bottles of liquor that were ordered and consumed by the rest of their party.

Just as the people at the dinner argued over the right way to handle the cost, commenters offered their opinions.

“I mean me and my friends split the bill but if it’s over 200 we pay for what we eat lol,” one viewer expressed, while another added: “Why pay $500 when I only ate a $20 salad???”

One individual’s comment received over 20,000 likes, with many agreeing with the sentiment. “Y’all should’ve had that established before sitting down,” they proclaimed.

“I would’ve quietly asked for my check separately, paid and left,” another viewer candidly noted.

Other TikTok users thought Christian’s post may have been “scripted” or “staged” because of all the strong reactions. “I mean was this staged? Cause it seems so embarrassing,” one person said.

“I don’t know, this look staged,” another skeptical viewer agreed.

As the Christian’s views continued to skyrocket, the conversation around what to do with big parties at dinner flooded Twitter. User @Shannonsharpeee reposted Christian’s video, gaining an additional 17 million views and over 8,900 comments.

Speaking with Insider, Christian admitted the video may have been a bit exaggerated. “We probably did maybe over exaggerate a little bit for camera,” he said.

The stunned social media user said he couldn’t believe how quickly his video had blown up and confessed his friendship with one of the individuals at the dinner was now ruined because he refused to pay any amount more than what his personal meal cost.

According to Christian, he ended up contributing only $24.58 in cash toward the bill at Atlanta’s MCK Restaurant and Bar.

When it comes to splitting a bill, Eater notes that diners who have “strong feelings about how the meal should be paid for” should “speak up before anyone orders”.

“Otherwise, your silence implies you’re fine with everyone’s food and drink going on one bill, with each diner being asked to contribute an equal amount to the total,” the outlet states.

The Independent has contacted Christian for comment.

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