Sydney Sweeney reveals she wanted a breast reduction

Sydney Sweeney has revealed that she wanted a breast reduction when she was in high school.

In an interview with Glamour UK, the 26-year-old Anyone But You actor got candid about how she felt about her curves as a teenager, admitting that she didn’t feel confident about the way she looked and covered herself up as much as possible.

“When I was in high school, I used to feel uncomfortable about how big my boobs were and I used to say that when I turned 18, I was going to get a boob job to make them smaller,” she told the outlet. “And my mom told me: ‘Don’t do it. You’ll regret it in college.’ And I’m so glad I didn’t. I like them. They’re my best friends.”

As someone who used to feel self-conscious about the way she looked, she encouraged those who may feel embarrassed or ashamed by the curves to embrace the way they look. “Flaunt what you got. Own it. Love them,” she said. “I went through that process of covering my body up at such a young age, but once I became more confident with myself, [it changed].”

“I want to show girls that it’s amazing and beautiful and empowering to have the bodies that we have,” she continued. “Everybody’s body is beautiful. When you are confident and you’re happy within is when it really shows to other people.”

Sweeney’s candid conversation comes amid a whirlwind press tour for her upcoming romantic comedy co-starring Glen Powell. However, their palpable on-screen chemistry has led to swirling rumours of infidelity off-screen. Powell had been dating model Gigi Paris at the time of filming, while the Euphoria actor has been engaged for two years to restaurateur Jonathan Davino, 40.

She gave the outlet a rare update on her wedding planning, noting that because of her busy filming schedule, the wedding has been on the back burner. She explained: “I am so busy working! I’m a workaholic and I love it, I love it.”

Sweeney and her fiancé were co-producers on Anyone But You, fuelling rumours that Sweeney and Powell’s viral on-set antics were actually to spread the word about their upcoming film. On working with her partner, the actor gushed to Glamour UK about the perks of working with your significant other.

“I think it’s incredible being able to work with people who you wanna be in business with,” Sweeney said of her fiancé. “It’s amazing having someone who cheers you on and someone who fully just supports what you do.”

Despite Sweeney and Powell both maintaining that they’re simply actors doing their jobs, the Handmaids Tale actor admitted that the speculation had particularly gotten to Powell, who went through a break up with Paris at the height of the romance speculation.

“It was really hard on Glen, which made me sad… because [otherwise] it was such a beautiful experience for the both of us,” she said, reflecting on filming in Australia. “Also, I’ve never really shared that much [about my relationship], so the press loves to create drama in stories.”

The Emmy-nominated actor has been notoriously private about her love life. She was first rumoured to be dating her fiancé in 2018, before sparking engagement rumors in February 2022.

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