Irish gambler wins EuroMillions top prize as Lotto bosses reveal ticket location

A LUCKY Irish punter has 500,000 reasons to celebrate tonight after winning the top prize in the EuroMillions Plus draw.

The lucky player bagged the top prize of €500,000 after landing all five balls.


The winner is advised to sign the back of their ticket and keep it safe

Lotto bosses confirmed this evening that the winning ticket had been sold in Dublin.

The winning numbers are 8, 25, 27, 36 and 46.

The winner is advised to sign the back of their ticket and keep it safe.

They should also contact the National Lottery prize claims team on 1800 666 222 or email [email protected]. Arrangements will then be made for them to claim their life-changing prize.

During the same draw, around 38 players won the second prize worth €2,000.

There was no winner tonight of the EuroMillions jackpot of almost €73 million.

The numbers drawn were 13, 19, 30, 38 and 46, and the lucky stars were 4 and 12.

In total, more than 36,000 players in Ireland won prizes in the EuroMillions and Plus games.

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The winning Irish lottery numbers worth €5,000 are as follows:

  • I-QKJ-22617
  • I-QKJ-57279
  • I-QKJ-85106
  • I-QKK-27504
  • I-QKK-79293
  • I-QKK-79623
  • I-QKL-10508
  • I-QKL-11955
  • I-QKL-42559
  • I-QKM-81324
LOTTO winner Gillian Bayford's husband almost ruined her fortune, it was claimed last night

Meanwhile, a shop owner who sold a €1 million jackpot ticket has shared his delight that “the dream of becoming a big Lotto winner has now become a reality” for one of his customers.

Lotto bosses today revealed that a village shop close to the Limerick and Tipperary border was the sales location for Saturday's Lotto Plus 1 jackpot ticket.

The top prize was won by a punter who collected a Quick Pick ticket on the day of the draw – March 9 – at Near, on Oola Main Street in Limerick.

Shop owner Tom O'Halloran was delighted when he heard one of his customers had won a big prize this weekend.

Welcoming the good news, he said: “It will certainly be a day of excitement here in Oola with the big announcement.

“I think we all want some good news, to be honest, so this is really perfect timing.

“We have no idea who the winner could be, but it would be great if it was someone local. Imagine: a big tax-free win of €1 million! You know what they say: it costs nothing to dreams and for one of our customers the dream of becoming a big Lotto winner has now become a reality.

“The winner will have many options for what they can do, but the most important thing for now is that we hope they check their ticket quickly and really enjoy their big news.”

The National Lottery continues to urge Treaty District players to check their tickets carefully from the March 9 draw, as one player has a ticket worth a life-changing €1 million.

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