'The Voice': Former Backup Singer Gets an Emotional 4-Chair Turn

A former backup singer gets a new shot at fame in season 25 The voice!

During Tuesday's final Blind Auditions, Val T. Webb took the stage with a performance of Deborah Cox's “How Did You Get Here,” earning her a four-chair turn from this season's coaches — Reba McEntire, Johannes Legend, Chance the Rapper And Zane + Shay – most of whom were on their feet during her performance.

Val, a 43-year-old mother, worship leader and backup singer, revealed that it was her son Joshua who pressured her to finally audition for the show – and it certainly paid off.

“You're not a backup singer anymore,” Shay praised.

“You made it your own song,” Chance noted. “And I feel like that's what this show is all about: people showing their true personalities through their music… I really think we can have some special moments together.”

“I just love coaching artists like you,” John enthused. “You are so talented and it would be so much fun to work with you.”

Unfortunately, the field wasn't enough as Val chose to join Team Chance!

Watch her full audition below:

ET spoke with the season 25 coaches ahead of the premiere, where they shared what it was like to welcome The voice's first-ever coaching duo for the league.

“They give great tones. They're really good,” praised Reba. “They are knowledgeable, but they also have a lot of heart and that is what they go for.”

Dan + Shay say they have been fans of the show for years, for which they served as mentors Blake Sheltons team back in season 20 and even got into it guest coach Niall Horan's team last season, but working as a full-time coach for the first time was a completely new experience.

“It changed everything for us,” Shay admitted. “I really enjoy the process of working with these artists, and you really get attached to it. It gets heartbreaking when you have to let people go. But it was a great experience.”

Chance makes his return this season for the first time since his season 23 season Vote debut, where he joins Blake, Niall and Kelly Clarkson. He told ET that it's especially exciting to be back with a brand new roster of coaching talent.

“I have always admired John and he has helped me in so many different ways,” he reflected. “To work with him and then be with Reba and Dan + Shay, and with this great crew… I do miss Blake, but it's just cool to be back in the building.”

Despite the good atmosphere, the coaches are still sufficiently competitive. With Niall retiring this season after winning back-to-back titles, the Vote The trophy is up for grabs – and there's a better than average chance of it going to a first-time champion, as only John has won the competition before.

“It definitely gets hot in there,” Shay revealed.

“That's why we're here,” Reba agreed.

The voice airs Mondays at 8 PM PT/ET and Tuesdays at 9 PM PT/ET on NBC.

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