Irish gambler celebrates after winning a huge scratch card prize before Christmas

A HAPPY punter is celebrating after winning the top prize of €100,000 on a €10 Christmas Countdown scratch card.

The winning scratch card was purchased from the Spar store on Kilmore Quay in Co. Wexford.


The lucky gambler collected his winnings at the Lotto headquarters in DublinCredit: Handout

The winner admitted he only made the purchase by chance, making him a celebratory grand prize winner.

He said: “I wasn’t even planning on going to the shop that day. I stopped by to get a few pieces and when I was at the till paying I said I might as well get a scratch card and decided to get a Christmas card.

“I was scratching around in the kitchen and as soon as I saw two of the fireplace symbols I kept my eyes open for the all-important third.

“When the three fireplaces were there in front of me, I didn’t react, there was no panic, nothing.

“I put the scratch card away and about ten minutes later I took it out again and it dawned on me how much I had won. I immediately signed it, took pictures and then made my plan to go to Lotto headquarters.”

The man from Wexford never thought he could call himself a top prize winner and is therefore overjoyed with the victory.

He continued: “When you buy a scratch card you always dream of winning one of the big prizes, but you never think it will actually happen to you.

“To be honest, even if I had gotten the three candy canes, which would have been a €10 prize and my money back, I would have been happy.

“I’m going to let the news sink in and make my plans for the new year. It really is a wonderful way to end the year.”

The National Lottery has three festive scratch cards on offer this Christmas, with a total prize money of more than €6.9 million.

And with the holiday giving season well under way, the National Lottery has also reminded players wishing to donate National Lottery products this Christmas to gift responsibly.

A spokesperson added: “We’re reminding our players, and anyone hoping to spread the festive cheer with our Christmas games, to support our ‘Gift Responsibly’ campaign when purchasing a National Lottery product as a gift.

“All year round, it is always important to donate responsibly.

“The National Lottery encourages our players to hold lottery games for players aged 18 and over.”

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