I won an incredible £66,000 in the Postcode Lottery, but I don’t even live there

A LUCKY gambler who won £66,000 on the Postcode Lottery despite not even living there has revealed how a small decision paid off for him.

Chris Rose, 65, from Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, says his dream has come true after landing £66,666 in the lotto.


Chris Rose returned to his old house to collect his winningsCredit: Postcode Lottery
Crown Road residents celebrate their victory


Crown Road residents celebrate their victoryCredit: Postcode Lottery

Each of the winners of Saturday’s People’s Postcode Lottery draw bagged at least £66,666 of the total £1 million on offer.

The lotto gambler used to live on Crown Road before moving to the neighboring town of Lancing two years ago.

But Chris’ decision to continue playing with his old postcode meant he was also one of the lucky winners when the area popped up in the draw.

He says: “When I moved, I registered with my new zip code and chose to continue playing with my old zip code.

“It all came true and I won the big one.”

“It is also rewarded with bonus stamps! You have to speculate to accumulate, as they say.

The car mechanic will now celebrate his upcoming retirement in style with an adventurous holiday – and invest in an original 1957 Lambretta scooter.

He said: “I’m retiring at the end of this month so this couldn’t have come at a better time.

“I would like to do a safari in Africa or even go to the other side of the world to see the penguin walking.”

Meanwhile, 70-year-old Ken McNeill, a lift engineer, is set to win the world after winning £133,332 thanks to having two tickets.

I won the biggest prize in the postcode lottery… now I’m moving into a caravan

He quickly made a video call to his son, Nigel, 42, at work to tell him he had won the same.

Ken said, “He’s a real son. Really big potatoes.”

Nigel had been working on lifts in North London before returning to his van for the uplifting phone call.

After hearing the news, he said, “That just changed my life. £133,000! I can not believe it.”

Self-employed Nigel didn’t want to lose a day’s work and decided to work a shift rather than wait for the lottery to arrive on his doorstep.

The father of two children says: “The Postcode Lottery called me and said they would come to my street with a surprise, but I couldn’t miss the work. But when I saw the amount, I grabbed my tools and drove home.”

Nigel said news of his win quickly spread around the construction site and he now has a new nickname: Millionaire Man.

He said, “When I walk into a room or across the room [building] site, guys said, ‘Here he is – the millionaire man.’

“It was all good-natured and everyone congratulated me.”

He added: “It may not be a million, but for me that’s the same as winning a million.”

Nigel is now planning to put a down payment on a house and treat his two children to a long-awaited holiday.

He said: “To be able to buy my own house and treat my children is a huge weight off my shoulders.

“I booked a holiday for me and the kids but it got canceled due to Covid so I just had to keep my wits about me in the hope that I could rebook it at some point.”

Nigel also enjoyed his parents’ jackpot joy – with dad Ken, 70, and mum Jenny, 66, celebrating a “stunning” win.

He said: “I’m over the moon because I know my parents won too. They have done a lot for me and the fact that they are done now means a lot.”

How the People’s Postcode Lottery works

The People’s Postcode Lottery costs £12 a month to play and there are guaranteed winners every day. People play with their chosen zip code and are automatically entered into all draws. At least 33% of each ticket goes to a good cause.

Every Saturday, £1 million will be shared by one postcode as part of the lottery’s Millionaire Street prize.

People’s Postcode Lottery players have raised more than £1.2 billion for thousands of charities and local charities.

This award was promoted on behalf of Postcode Animal Trust, which supports organizations such as Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, PDSA and Medical Detection Dogs.

Ken, a retired taxi driver from Brighton, revealed that his son convinced him to play the lottery. And he won just weeks after he signed up.

He said: “Nigel told me to give it a try so I guess I have to thank him. I even signed up with two tickets because he plays with two.”

And Ken may also have his wife Jenny to thank after signing up on the same day she retired as a housekeeping assistant at Southlands Hospital on December 1, 2023.

Ken recently celebrated his 70th birthday and said his stroke of luck was the ‘icing on the cake’.

Grandparents-of-three Ken and Jenny have not yet chosen a holiday destination but are planning to take a break after a ‘tough’ last six years.

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Meanwhile, neighbors who won £180,000 in the People’s Postcode Lottery were told their wish list was boring.

And a couple who won £60,000 in the People’s Postcode Lottery recently revealed how they could double their winnings.

Ken McNeill played with his wife Jenny on two tickets and won more than £133,000


Ken McNeill played with his wife Jenny on two tickets and won more than £133,000Credit: Postcode Lottery

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