‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Christine Reveals Matching Tattoo With Husband

Christine Brown and her new husband, David Woolley, have a lasting memory of their love. In the latest episode of Sister Wives: One-on-oneChristine formally introduced David to the TLC audience and brought her husband on camera.

In addition to having her new husband’s time and attention, Christine also revealed that the couple has matching chest tattoos.

Noting that David has some shoulder tattoos, Christine added, “We now have a matching tattoo.”

Christine then shifted her blouse to reveal the ink on her heart and said: ‘It means ‘new beginning’ in Gaelic. And he has one here too.’


The couple got their new body art shortly before their wedding in October, with Christine sharing that David held her hand as she got her first tattoo.

As for how her husband is different from her ex: Kody BrownChristine said it’s all about how he pays attention to her and her needs.

“He’s just very aware, very observant. It’s crazy,” she said.

Christine first debuted her tattoo on Instagram in June, showing off the ink in an off-the-shoulder black dress at an event with David.

Sister Wives: Talk back airs Friday, December 22 at 9pm ET on TLC.

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