Rachel and Brayden Make Out After He Sabotages Her Romance With Sean

There’s a new couple on the beaches of Paradise. On Thursday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, one single was forced to leave the beach, new arrivals threatened established connections, and an existing couple was torn apart.

The episode began with the Sam drama, namely her inability to poop for 10 days. Ultimately, she didn’t meet the doctor’s sunrise deadline, and was forced to leave the beach and her budding relationship with Aaron S. Toward the end of the episode, host Jesse Palmer revealed that Sam still hadn’t been able to go to the bathroom.

Back on the beach, John Henry arrived and quickly asked Olivia on a date. Though Peter made it clear he didn’t want Olivia to go, she set off on her spa-themed afternoon with the new arrival. The date left Olivia torn about who her rose would go to, something that was made even more complicated when Peter kissed her for the first time upon her return from her kiss-filled date with John Henry.

John also made his entrance onto the beach this week. He upset Aaron B. by asking Eliza on a date. Despite Aaron making himself exclusive to Eliza, she decided to play the field a bit and set off on the date with John, that ended with a dance and a kiss. Eliza didn’t know who to award her rose to, though she did confess to Aaron that she missed him during her date with John.

As if things weren’t dramatic enough, bartender Wells Adams decided to heighten the situation by introducing the Paradise Truth Box, a place where the singles could anonymously leave notes about each other, which will one day be read aloud.

Inspired by the idea of telling the truth, Sean decided to confess his feelings for Jess, despite her relationship with Blake and his with Rachel. Jess shot Sean down, but the path back to Rachel wasn’t easy for him thanks to Brayden. The villain of Charity Lawson‘s season of The Bachelorette told Rachel what Sean had said, that he hadn’t pursued a connection with Jess because of how much Rachel liked him. That infuriated both Sean and Rachel, the former of whom called Brayden “a dead man walking.”

Things escalated when Wells decided to open the Paradise Truth Box, which included two entries suggesting that Brayden and Rachel make out. They proceeded to do just that, likely leaving Sean without a rose.

“Brayden’s definitely the best kisser on the beach,” Rachel told the cameras. “I was definitely so surprised by how much chemistry we have. I do feel happy.”

The other target of the Paradise Truth Box was Kat, with entries claiming that she played Brayden, suggesting she wasn’t a good friend to Jess, and warning Tanner about her. Kat was infuriated, especially at Aaron S., who, in a fit of anger, had broken the box and read the damning notes.

Next week will pick up right where Thursday’s episode ended, with the pre-rose ceremony arrival of a mystery woman who will save one guy from going home. The preview also teases Brayden and Rachel’s first date, a brewing love triangle between Olivia, John Henry and Mercedes, and Kat’s birthday being ruined by Tanner’s date with Davia.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Thursdays on ABC. Keep up with all the drama on the beach with ET’s coverage of the show. 



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