Miranda Lambert on Carrie Underwood supporting her Vegas residency

Miranda Lambert feels the love from some of her peers and close friends during her Las Vegas residency.

Lambert recently sat down with ET to talk about hair Velvet Rodeo show – which, as recently announced, will run through April 2024 – and will receive some support from the crooner from his country Carrie Underwood.

“I don’t think Carrie and I might have ever seen each other’s shows,” Lambert reflected. “Which is insane to even say, because she and I started at the same time.”

Lambert explained how she and Underwood have had remarkably “very parallel careers and paths” in the world of country music.

“She’s from a small town in Oklahoma, I’m from a small town in Texas. She continued IdolI was up National star and I think she was a year behind me, but we were the same age and we had been, you know, on the same label for, you know, ten years,” Lambert explained.” So I feel like we just have a really great mutual respect. for each other.”

Lambert praised Underwood as “one of the hardest working women in the industry” and expressed her respect for how “she has done everything, and she has done it with such grace”

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“I always say, if Carrie is on any show, country music will look good – because she’s stylish, and she just does a great job, and she’s a great singer,” Lambert continued.

‘I’m really going to take a look her show this week,” Lambert said, referring to Underwood’s residency show in Las Vegas, REFLECTION. “I’m excited. We’re trading!”

Of Underwood’s experience on Lambert’s show, the singer said, “She was so sweet. She posted all about it and I think they had a great time.”

“I appreciated her supporting me. That was really sweet,” Lambert added.

Meanwhile, as Lambert’s show stretched into 2024, the singer explained what fans could expect from the experience in the new year.

“We’ve worked so hard to get this show going and it’s got a lot of bells and whistles. It’s flashy, it’s got a lot of firepower, confetti and glitter,” Lambert said. “So I’m pretty much staying with the program. But we have a place on our show where I can do anything… [so I’ll] have little surprises scattered everywhere.”

Miranda Lambert: Velvet Rodeo – the Las Vegas residency extends to 2024 with end dates in March and April. Look here for more information.

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