Jason Momoa says Aquaman’s fate in future films ‘doesn’t look good’

Jason Momoa has the time of his life as he plays the iconic DC superhero Aquaman. However, the beloved actor and action hero seems to have his doubts about the future of the franchise.

Momoa recently spoke with ET’s Ash Crossan in London while promoting his upcoming epic, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomwhere he addressed reports that this will likely be the last time he plays the legendary King of Atlantis.

“I don’t necessarily want this to be the end… [but] I don’t think it’s really a choice,” Momoa said, explaining that James Gunn and Peter Safran – who were recently tapped to lead the future of DC film projects – want to “start their own new business.”

“The truth is, if the audience loves it, there’s a possibility,” Momoa said of the chance he could play Aquaman in the future. “But right now I’m thinking, ‘It doesn’t look so good.'”

“I love this character and [I would want to] been playing it for a long time,” Momoa added. ‘I can kind of see where I want to go. And even in the next ten years, they can still do a lot of cool things. And I enjoy the role and the world. So I mean, it just comes down to whether people like it.”

When Momoa first took on the role of Aquaman in 2017 Justice Leaguehe managed to take an infamously mocked character from DC comics and turn him into a really cool, gritty hero — a feat that Momoa proudly says was “a really hard thing to do.”

“But it’s also fun to just be the reluctant king and then, you know, overcome all his ego, and [seeing him] realize what he has to do,” he added of playing the role.

However, as Gunn and Safran rebuild the cinematic universe for DC adaptations, Momoa hopes to remain part of their plans – even if not necessarily as Aquaman.

“If there is a place for me in their world, I would love to be a part of it,” Momoa said. “This is my home. Warner and DC are definitely my home. So that’s all I can say.”

As for other comic book characters he could potentially take on, fans have consistently brought up the iconic interstellar mercenary and nigh-unkillable madman Lobo. It’s a casting suggestion that Momoa seems to love.

“I was a huge Lobo fan growing up, I read every comic,” he said. “So that would be really cool.”

That said, playing Aquaman is close to his heart, and not something he hopes to give up. When asked what playing the character means, Momoa explained, “If I just put it as simply as possible [terms]it makes my heart smile.”

“You know, I had roles before, [but] they look nothing like this,” he added. “We’ve got kids coming and really excited to see you, and adults. But ultimately, my passion growing up was always about the oceans, and being a Polynesian, and being an activist. It’s cool because I like to do that in my real life [playing Aquaman] also clear [those interests on] a higher platform.”

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters on December 22.

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