Bre Tiesi said this about Michael B. Jordan’s bedroom skills

Bre Tiesi made a shocking revelation after admitting she had hooked up Michael B. Jordan.

During a season 7 episode of Selling sunsetthe real estate agent sat with her co-stars, Amanza Smith, Emma Hernan and Chrishell Stause, and suggested that she once slept with Jordan — a revelation that came as a shock to her co-stars and millions of fans.

In the scene where the claim about Jordan is made, the cast members sit around the table discussing their celebrity crushes when Amanza tells the others that she loves Michael, prompting Bre to respond, “I could do that and I done that.”, before adding that she has “slept with” all her favorite celebrities.

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During season 7 Selling sunset reunion, which started streaming on Netflix on Wednesday, Bre explained about their hookup.

While taking a lie detector test, host Tan France asks Bre, “Is Michael B. Jordan good in bed?”

In an effort to keep things low-key, the 32-year-old real estate agent covered her face as she laughed a bit. The response prompted Tan to dig deeper.

‘I actually want to know for myself. He is my hall pass, the Strange eye says star.

To which Bre responds, “I’m going to get in so much trouble,” before shaking her head no.

After the spicy revelations, ET spoke with Brewho revealed she didn’t believe a little girl talk would find its way into the editing room.

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“We were all talking girls, and we were resetting the cameras – it wasn’t technically a conversation…” Bre said before abruptly stopping, gesturing to say she thought the conversation was off-camera. .

“I know better and that’s my own fault. I know better,” Bre added before asking fans to cut her “a little slack” for accidentally admitting something.

Michael has not spoken out about Bre’s revelation. For its part, the Religion star was last linked to Lori Harvey.

Bre, on the other hand, shares 1-year-old son Legendary with Nick Cannon, who she told ET was one of her crushes, and the part she thought would make it to air.

“I had a conversation and I mentioned that I had a baby with my celebrity crush, but that didn’t make it,” Bre said. “You know, there’s other things happening in these conversations, but remember, we want to make a good show. Whatever it makes, it makes, and whatever it doesn’t make, it doesn’t. But that wasn’t my intention either. ”

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