Violence erupts in Serbia as protesters claim election rigging

Russia’s ambassador to Belgrade told Russian media on Monday that the Serbian president has “irrefutable evidence” that the West is fueling the protests, as the Kremlin sought to portray widespread discontent over Mr. Vucic’s increasingly heavy-handed policies as Western conspiracy.

Serbia, which has historically had close ties with Russia, was one of the few European countries not to support Western sanctions against the Kremlin over its invasion of Ukraine.

Despite Russia’s ties to the country, Vucic still says he wants to join the European Union.

Opposition politicians have vowed to contest the election results and some of them, such as Marinika Tepic, member of Serbia Against Violence, have been on hunger strike since it was announced.

Borko Stefanovic, an opposition MP, described President Vucic on Monday as someone out of touch with reality, calling him a “lonely little man on top of the Himalayas”.

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