Unions are calling for an immediate end to Ofsted inspections

On safety grounds, Caversham Primary School in Reading was downgraded from “outstanding” to “inadequate” following Ofsted’s visit in November 2022.

Mrs Perry, who had been headmaster of the school for thirteen years, committed suicide while waiting for the report to be published.

The school has now been reassessed as “good”.

At the end of the investigation, the coroner also issued a Prevention of Future Death Notice (PFD), which sets out the points to consider to prevent similar situations.

Anyone who receives a PFD has 56 days to indicate how they want to reduce the risk of future deaths.

Mr Barton and Mr Whiteman said: “It is important that we get clarity from Ofsted on a plan and timetable to address each area before further inspections take place.

“This is vital to reassure schools and colleges that appropriate steps are being taken to protect and support the wellbeing of education staff.”

They did not set their own timetable for the break, but said schools and colleges would need one to have “even a modicum of confidence” in Ofsted. And they had shared their concerns with Sir Martyn Oliver, who will take over from Ms Spielman in January.

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