Scotland’s papers: Terror suspect arrested and Scots in earthquake

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The recapture of escaped terror suspect Daniel Khalife leads many of Sunday’s front pages, including The Scottish Sun on Sunday which has an exclusive picture of the former soldier handcuffed and surrounded by police. The 21-year-old was detained in Northolt, north-west London, after a four-day search.

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The Scottish Sunday Express splashes on the details surrounding Daniel Khalife’s arrest, reporting that he was “nabbed” by an undercover Metropolitan Police officer while cycling along a canal towpath after 75 hours on the run.

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“Spooks bugged phones to nail jailbreak ‘spy'” is the lead in the Scottish Mail on Sunday. According to its exclusive story, Daniel Khalife was arrested after MI5, MI6 and anti-terror police combined forces to track him down. The paper, citing security sources, reports that “intercepted communications” initially led officers to a house in Richmond, where they “missed him, possibly by minutes”, before Mr Khalife was ultimately arrested on Saturday.

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The Sunday Telegraph also leads on the arrest of Daniel Khalife. The paper carries a full report of Mr Khalife’s apprehension, including quotes from an eyewitness who claimed to have seen his reaction after being caught by police.

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Football legend Alan Rough told The Sunday Mail how he thought his hotel room near Marrakesh would “split in two” during the Morocco earthquake which has killed more than 1,000 people. The ex-Scotland goalkeeper and wife Maggie said they ran for their lives as the 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck at about 23:00 on Friday night.

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Laura Young, who has been campaigning against the sale of single-use vapes, spoke to The National about her concerns that the UK government could prevent Scotland from introducing a ban. During his Programme for Government speech last week, First Minister Humza Yousaf said his government would hold a consultation on a single-use vape ban. Concerns have been raised around the growing popularity of disposable e-cigarettes among young people.

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The Sunday Post leads on Trading Standards research which suggests 97% of respondents have been targeted by scammers within the last year. The agency issued a warning about an increase in fraud connected to energy bill rebates and cost-of-living payments since 2022.

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The Herald on Sunday reports on concerns being raised around Police Scotland’s increasing reliance on Recorded Police Warnings, which are used to deal with low-level crimes and allow minor offences to be dealt with without having to involve the Crown Office. The paper spoke to a woman who claimed her attacker was issued an RPW after punching her in the head and arm. It reports that any incident resulting in an RPW is recorded as “cleared up”.

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A new report from the Reform Scotland thinktank has proposed giving parents “vouchers” for the childcare they are entitled to, reports Scotland on Sunday. The report author wrote exclusively for the paper welcoming the first minister’s childcare plans but arguing that they should go “much further”.

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