Cricket World Cup 2023: Dates, Schedule, Matches and Latest Odds for the ODI Tournament

Which teams are participating?

Only 10 teams started the 2023 Cricket World Cup. They were India (who automatically qualified as hosts), New Zealand, England, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and South Africa (who all qualified based on their results in ODI cricket since the 2019 World Cup) and Sri Lanka and the Netherlands (who earned their place through a qualifying tournament this year).

Among the teams that failed to qualify are former World Cup winners West Indies, plus Ireland and Zimbabwe.

Who will host the World Cup?

India is hosting the tournament despite a row with Pakistan over tournament boycotts. India had threatened to boycott the Asia Cup organized by Pakistan in September. In retaliation, Pakistan threatened to boycott the World Cup organized by India. That dispute was resolved by sharing the hosting rights of the Asia Cup between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. India’s matches were all played in Sri Lanka.

However, Pakistan did play against India in the World Cup. The round-robin match between the two sides was on October 14. India won by seven wickets in Ahmedabad.

What are the locations?


No cricket ground is designed as a temple as the Narendra Modi Stadium, which is dedicated to none other than Narendra Modi, the controversial Indian Prime Minister who grew up in Ahmedabad. It tells us everything we need to know about its political uses with which Modi entertained Donald Trump here when he was still president of the US. It was in fact a BJP rally. And nothing less than the largest cricket ground in the world – indeed the largest sports stadium – would do: its capacity is 132,000, which is a third as much as the Melbourne Cricket Ground or Eden Gardens in Calcutta. If India reach the final, curiously in Ahmedabad, we can be sure it will be beneficial for the spinners: the ICC groundsmen are officially responsible for all grounds, but even they will be subject to political realities. It has been known to play in this stadium before, as Joe Root has taken five Test wickets for eight runs in one innings.


Why one of India’s smaller cities, let alone towns, was promoted to an international location in 2017 is a matter of Indian governance politics. But at an altitude of almost 1.5 km, there can be no doubt about the quality of Dharamsala’s environment and landscape. The Dalai Lama made it his home after his exile from Tibet, so he could still see the Himalayas and the clarity of the sky contrasts with all the towns on the plain.

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