Home Trending CCTV footage of family who dodged £270 bill for steak and lobster at Yorkshire pub

CCTV footage of family who dodged £270 bill for steak and lobster at Yorkshire pub

CCTV footage of family who dodged £270 bill for steak and lobster at Yorkshire pub

A pub owner in Yorkshire is urging for help from the public after a family of six racked up an almost £300 bill on steak and lobster in her family-run pub but left without paying. Now she has taken to social media in hope of finding the culprits and has given an ultimatum that the incident will be reported to the police if the money is not handed in by Monday (October 31).

Emma Lee, owner of the Sutton Arms Faceby took to Facebook after the group of six dined lavishly in her pub on Thursday night (October 27) but was left out of pocket when they left without paying.

In the post she explained they are a “small family-run pub” trying our hardest in these tough times” along with a picture of their yet-to-be-paid bill which shows that nearly £200 was spent on fillet steak and about £70 on a bar tab.

In the post, Ms Lee said she would give the group the ‘benefit of the doubt,’ assuming there had been a bit of confusion with paying the bill and asked the group to pay the bill that night or post it through the letterbox. However, she added that if she does not receive the money she will have to share CCTV footage of the group on social media and with the police.

By Saturday morning (October 29), Ms Lee had shared the CCTV footage of a woman on the phone outside the pub, and a man running away with her Facebook followers as she had still not received the £300 bill payment. She added:” Below is the footage of the party leaving, the rest of the CCTV and stills will be passed onto the police Monday if payment has still not been received!”

The pub owner of the Sutton Arms in Faceby has been left out of pocket

Ms Lee, speaking to The Sun, said everything is “really expensive”, adding they have strived to keep costs down for customers.

She said: “Instead of putting all our steaks and lobsters and all those prices up, we’ve tried to keep it down and have taken a bit of a knock ourselves and then something like this happens and it is just a bit of a nightmare.”

Ms Lee added that she could have sold the lobsters to other customers but held them for the family that had called to book in advance. Social media users commented in disgust at the ordeal and said it looks like a typical ‘dine and dash’ scenario.



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