‘Unhinged’ post goes viral after man uses hotel kettle to cook chicken on work trip

A man has caused uproar online after cooking chicken using only a hotel coffee machine.

Alexander C posted his cooking “hack” to LinkedIn, having tried out the method when staying in a hotel while travelling for work.

He wrote: “I’m travelling for work and instead of eating a fancy dinner out, I’ve decided to cook a cheaper meal in the hotel room.”

Alexander added that though his company allows him to expense dinner while on business trips, he was determined to save the company money.

His expensed hotel room did not have an oven or hobs to cook on, but it did have a coffee machine. He wrote: “Even though the hotel room didn’t have a kitchen, I managed to use the coffee machine to cook chicken with butter and garlic.”

Along with the post, he posted a photo of raw chicken in the coffee machine, with spices and a knob of butter.

On 3 December, comedian Emily Murnane posted a screenshot of the LinkedIn post to her Twitter page, which caused it to go viral for a second time. She said: “LinkedIn really flies under the radar as the social media platform that’s absolutely the most unhinged.”

The LinkedIn post amassed over 1,500 likes, 100 reposts and 423 comments – and many of them were not happy with the man’s choices.

Some called the hack “brilliant”, while others called the move “unhinged”.

One commenter said: “I hope you are barred from every hotel in the world for doing such a disgusting thing. Have you no consideration for the staff who have to clean up after you? Or the guests coming after you?”

One user urged, “dude just expense a happy meal, salmonella is more expensive,” while another said simply, “I hope this is satire”.

It follows a number of other debates erupting online over travel etiquette. A woman asked for help on a Reddit forum after a man told her she should not have taken her toddler in first class on a flight in the US.

Another fumed at a fellow passenger who watched sex scenes on his in-flight entertainment screen while her child could see.

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