The best spa hotels in the UK for a weekend of wellness in 2022

You used to have to travel far and wide to find the real-deal spas, the temples dedicated to mind and body sprawling over several floors, the Ayurvedic ‘journeys’, the outdoor thermal spa villages and hydrotherapy suites you can spend hours in emerging the other side, reborn.

Not anymore. After a quick car or train journey you can find yourself floating on your back in an outdoor pool looking up at the sky before hot footing it inside to the toasty sauna. You can flip flop between impressive indoor-outdoor hydrotherapy pools, swim through open-air infinity pools with views onto surrounding English parkland. You can go subterranean to be slathered in rejuvenating, mineral-rich Scottish seaweed or even take a bath in the stuff flown in daily from the Hebrides.

Yes, spa breaks in this country are easier than ever to book. Whether that’s for a day, night, weekend or week, here’s our pick of the best best spa hotels in the UK.

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