Zara McDermott admitted to hospital for burst ovarian cyst

Zara McDermott was admitted to hospital on Friday night (2 December) after suffering “excruciating pain” in her abdomen.

The former Love Island star was treated for a suspected burst cyst on an ovary.

McDermott, 25, told her 1.7m followers on Instagram that she had returned to the hospital on Saturday morning for further scans to check her ovary had not become twisted.

Her boyfriend Sam Thompson rushed her to A&E on Friday, she said, describing the incident as “eventful”.

The TV presenter shared a photograph of herself from her hospital bed and wrote: “Had a feeling it was a burst cyst on my ovary because I’ve had it before but on the other side and it felt extremely similar.

“I just want to say, the A&E team were just incredible. I was seen so quickly and had all tests and scans done within two hours of being there.

“They wanted to keep me overnight but after all the pain relief I felt a lot better so I had a few hours in bed before heading back this morning for another few scans.”

McDermott added: “They want to make sure my ovary isn’t twisted as I was presenting with all symptoms last night. But likely burst cyst – which if you’ve had before is excruciating!”

In a follow-up post, McDermott thanked her fans for sending her well wishes.

(Instagram/Zara McDermott)

“They found blood in my abdomen which indicates it’s a burst cyst for sure and nothing else; the good thing is that my ovary looks fine and isn’t twisted,” she explained.

“So lucky to have such an amazing NHS – they were so bloody brilliant and I’m going to have a relaxing weekend now.”

An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac that develops on an ovary and are very common. According to the NHS, most cysts occur naturally and go away in a few months without requiring treatment.

They typically do not cause any symptoms unless they burst, are very large or are blocking blood supply to the ovaries.

(Instagram/Zara McDermott)

In such cases, patients may experience pelvic pain, pain during sex, difficulty passing motion and a frequent need to urinate, irregular periods, bloating and difficulty getting pregnant.

“If you have sudden, severe pelvic pain you should immediately contact either a GP or local out-of-hours service, NHS 111 or your nearest A&E,” the NHS’ information page on ovarian cysts says.

Since leaving Love Island in 2018, McDermott has hosted documentaries about revenge porn, sexual assault and disordered eating for the BBC.

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