Woman praised for complaint about one aspect of work culture

Over the years people have become increasingly vocal about their grievances with working a corporate job.

One woman, Lexie Firment, recently took to TikTok to discuss how strict “contract hours” can be, and the ramifications of leaving outside of those hours. “Work culture is so funny. Like you will have a 50-year-old woman screaming at you because you left five minutes early,” her video began.

She explained that she’s had entire staff meetings dedicated to warning workers not to leave early. The concept didn’t make sense to her, especially if all of her required work was finished before the end of her required hours.

“Can we just have an adult-to-adult conversation of like, if all my work is done, and it’s three even 10 minutes, 15 minutes before I’m supposed to leave? Can’t I leave?” she asked in the TikTok.

Firment continued: “I wouldn’t be doing anything anyways, I might as well get a head start on my commute, that, Lord knows, I have to live like 30 minutes away from where I actually work because affordable housing doesn’t exist.”

After posting, the video went on to receive almost 300,000 views with many commenters agreeing with her opinion.

“Corporate life is so passive aggressive and I hate it,” one commenter wrote.

Another person in the comments agreed, writing, “One of the hardest parts of graduating from college and getting a full time job was losing all sense of personal freedom as far as getting work done..like it regressed all the way back to 2nd grade?”

“FELT THIS. All I’m going to do is SIT HERE staring at a wall…… why does it matter???? Literal waste of life,” a third commenter wrote.

However, not everyone shared the TikToker’s viewpoint, with one commenter suggesting that the issue was a lack of communication on Firment’s part. “Maybe give your manager a heads up that you’d like to leave early,” they wrote.

“Girl, you gotta actually say this to them. I sat them down one day and very firmly stated I will not be treated like a child and work has been cake ever since,” another claimed.

This isn’t the first time someone has opened up about the work culture in corporate America.

A TikToker under the username @later_kates took to the platform to share what her employer’s response was to her informing them that her brother had died.

In her video, she is seen staring at her computer monitor in tears as text across the screen reads, “Work: Sorry your brother died. Take all the time you need, we have a generous bereavement package of 3 days.”

Soon after posting her TikTok went on to receive over four million views with many people leaving comments about how bad they felt for her and what their own company policy is.

“Corporate America is not forgiving. It’s inhumane,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing, “‘Take all the time you need’ while having a time requirement. I’m so sorry, sending you love.”

“Had a family member pass and I got written up for performance issues because I couldn’t stop crying at my desk. It’s unbelievable how they treat us. I’m so sorry,” a third comment read.

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