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Which couples from Love Is Blind season three are still together?

Which couples from Love Is Blind season three are still together?

Netflix’s beloved dating show Love Is Blind has returned for its third season, bringing with it an entirely new cast of singles looking for their perfect matches and viewers invested in their potential happily ever afters.

While the new season has officially begun, with Netflix releasing the first four episodes on 19 October, viewers have some time to wait before they find out which couples, if any, make it to the altar, as the streaming giant will release the remaining episodes in three installments.

According to Netflix, episodes five through seven will premiere on 26 October, while eight through 11 won’t air until 2 November. Fans will then have to wait another week before the season’s conclusion, which will air on 9 November, along with the cast reunion episode.

Although we don’t yet know for sure how each relationship plays out, viewers have seen five couples get engaged after forming relationships in the pods.

This is everything we know about whether or not the couples from Love Is Blind season three are still together.

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux

Alfia, a 27-year-old insurance agency owner, and Lemieux, a 32-year-old water treatment engineer, were the first couple to get engaged during season three.

The couple’s initial reaction to seeing each other was largely positive, and previews for upcoming episodes show the couple on their wedding day. However, it’s currently unclear whether the pair end up exchanging vows.

As of now, the couple do not follow each other on Instagram, however, Marie Claire reports that Lemieux does follow some of Alfia’s friends.

Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed

Bolton, a 28-year-old private charter sales executive, and Reed, a 26-year-old ballet dancer and digital PR strategist, were also able to form a connection “sight unseen” in the pods.

While Bolton wasn’t Reed’s initial interest in the pods, the couple hit it off when they met for the first time in person after their engagement, and appear to be going strong as of episode four.

However, as of now, the pair do not follow each other on Instagram, nor have they liked any recent pictures posted by one another.

Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden

Bowden, a 27-year-old senior analyst and Rodriguez, a 32-year-old real estate investor both dated other cast members in the pods, with Bowden initially hitting it off with Raven Ross, while Rodriguez seemed interested in Andrew Liu.

However, the couple ultimately decided they were better suited for one another, and became engaged. While the match initially appeared like a good fit, it’s unclear whether the relationship will last after Bowden admitted to finding Ross attractive, and describing his near match as a “smokeshow”.

The previews for the upcoming episodes hint that things in the relationship are likely to only get trickier as the season progresses, as Rodriguez is seen crying at one point as her fiancé yells “looks do matter”.

As of now, Rodriguez follows Bowden on Instagram, but he does not follow her back.

Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett

Jaffrey, a 32-year-old flight attendant, and Barnett, a 27-year-old realtor, bonded over their mutual love for God and the importance of family before getting engaged.

The relationship seemed like a good fit upon first meeting, however, the pair has since displayed signs of struggling to connect.

“I’m still in love, it’s just very different now,” Barnett said at one point about his future wife. “I have to adapt to not what I wanted her to be but who she is.”

Barnett may also have lingering feelings for Reed, which previews suggest may become a bigger issue as the season progresses.

As of now, Barnett follows Jaffrey on Instagram, but she does not follow him back. However, as noted by Bustle, Barnett follows the entire cast, as well as cast members from previous seasons.

SK Alagbada and Raven Ross

Alagbada, a 34-year-old data engineer and Ross, a 29-year-old pilates instructor, hit it off from the beginning, with Ross declaring “it’s a hard yes for me” when Alagbada proposed.

However, the pair appear to be struggling with compatibility in real life, especially considering Ross’s ongoing flirtations with Bowden.

As of now, the couple does not follow one another on Instagram.


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