Sydney Sweeney’s dog Tank is a part of her ‘self care’ routine

Sydney Sweeney shared how her dog helps her with her mental health.

In an interview with People, the 26-year-old Anyone But You star revealed how her dog, Tank, helps her keep her mental health in check. Tank is a pit bull mix that she reportedly adopted in 2015.

“My dog, Tank, really is so important in my own self-care process,” Sweeney told the outlet. “Whether it is just playing with her, taking her to the dog park or taking her on a walk, it just lets me take a moment and unplug from everything else.”

Sweeney grew up around dogs her whole life, with her family having a German Shepard up until it passed away when she was 13 years old, according to an Ask Me Anything video with Elle UK. After the German Shepherd’s death, Sweeney begged her family for another dog, believing their family wasn’t “complete” without a dog.

The Euphoria actor recalled adopting Tank, “There was this little tiny baby and she was adorable, so I took her I was like, I’m gonna save this little thing.

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She said that she took Tank home and set the puppy down on her bed, calling her parents to show her parents what she had done. She received mixed reactions. While her father thought Tank was “adorable,” her mother was not on board. Her mother told her that the dog was her responsibility, wanting her to understand the consequences of her actions.

“I got in so much trouble,” Sweeney admitted to Palm Springs Life. “More trouble than I have in my entire life.”

Sweeney had no problem taking care of Tank, and eventually, the two of them became inseparable, with her sneaking the pup into school with her because she was “so small I couldn’t leave her.” Although Tank was eventually found out, he was ultimately allowed to go with her to school and became beloved on campus.

Sweeney has been a proud dog mom to Tank for nearly a decade, watching her grow into the 40-pound dog she is today and noting in a 2020 post on X, formerly known as Twitter, that she couldn’t imagine her life without her dog. The actor tweeted, “Tank’s been my best friend for almost six years now. I rescued her when she was just a lil baby. I couldn’t imagine my life without her, or her not having a home.”

Tank is quite the pampered pup, having a personal backpack according to a video with Refinery29 called What’s Inside Euphoria Actress Sydney Sweeney’s Bag, in which the actor revealed that Tank carries several important things with her.

“Tank always has a backpack. She has a backpack in my car. She has her very own travel backpack, and then she has like her hiking backpack,” Sweeney explained. “Tank’s backpack always has poop bags, some treats, and some of her favorite toys. It’s actually really hard to find dog backpacks, but she travels a lot with me so I always like to have her backpack.”

As for why she named her dog Tank, Sweeney said that she was manifesting a big dog. “I named her Tank because I wanted her to grow into a tank,” Sweeney explained. “I wanted her to be a big huge dog.”

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