Rolls Royce built to specification of Princess Margaret up for auction

A rare Rolls Royce that was built to the specification of Princess Margaret is up for auction, with bids starting at £20,500.

The vehicle, which is being auctioned off by Collecing Cars, is said to have carried numerous members of the royal family in its time.

It was also used to transport Princess Margaret’s children to her funeral at Windsor Castle in 2002.

The car is finished in a cardinal red metallic and is fitted with a blue light that would be used to signal when the Princess herself was in the car.

Inside, the car features pale green cloth, darker green carpets and a matte rosewood dashboard.

“The car is understood to have strong sentimental value to a number of senior royals, and it was offered to Her Majesty The Queen upon the death of the Princess, only declining due to a lack of space in the Royal Mews,” says Collecting Cars.

“Accompanying the car is a vast quantity of paperwork and a multitude of photographs pertaining to the car’s 22-year ownership by HRH Princess Margaret, including correspondence from her chauffeur, as well as to and from Viscount Linley (now 2nd Earl of Snowdon),” the listing adds.

“It is offered fresh from an advisory-free MOT test, and a service and some overhaul work to the brakes and power steering carried out by Bentley Leicester in July 2022.”

The auction house adds that the car “is understood to have strong sentimental value to a number of senior royals”.

You can see the listing and place a bid here.

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