Plane passenger says she woke up to child drawing on her white socks

A plane passenger shared how she discovered that a child was drawing on her white socks during her flight.

On Instagram travel accounts “Passenger Shaming” and “Life’s A Trip with SK,” footage was shared of traveller Julie Valentine in her seat. In the clip, she directed her camera towards her white socks, which had purple and blue scribbles all over it. Her feet feet were leaning in between the side of the plane and the side of a passenger’s seat in front of her.

Valentine wrote in the text over her video: “I woke up to some random kid drawing on my white socks.”

The video concluded with the traveller clutching onto her foot and directing her camera towards the drawings on her socks.

The viral post, which has more than 16,900 likes, has sparked mixed reactions. Some viewers criticised the passenger for having her feet next to the child’s seat.

“So wait…they’re feet were up in the space of the seat in front and a kid colored on them? Hah. Good on that kid,” one wrote.

“Your feet were in their space, it became their paper,” another wrote.

A third person said: “Only yourself to blame. If your feet are somewhere they can be “drawn on” then they are in the wrong place.”

Other people went on to slam the woman for opting to take her shoes off while on the plane in the first place.

“Keep your socks inside of your shoes,” one wrote. “This is public transportation, not your personal spa day.”

“I would think ‘gosh, that’s what I get for taking my nasty shoes off and putting my feet where they don’t belong,’” another wrote.

A few viewers noted that they understood why the passenger wasn’t too pleased about the situation.

“On the one hand, please tell your kids not to draw on people’s socks,” one wrote. “On the other hand, please tell your adult friend to stop putting his feet in other people’s space.”

In the caption of the post, the “Life’s A Trip with SK” shared its stance on the incident.

“IF they are clean, don’t smell, and stay in your own space and not propped on various parts of the aircraft,” the page wrote. “If you’ve ever flown first or business class you’ve probably been given a pair of socks or slippers, so it’s definitely a thing.”

The Instagram page also specified that there’s still a point where wearing shoes on a plane is necessary, adding: “Never ever ever everrrrrr go to the lavatory without wearing shoes, because the liquid on the floor is NOT WATER.”

This isn’t the first time that a plane passenger’s behaviour has made headlines. Last week, a couple was allegedly put on a “no-fly” list after they boarded a Frontier flight without checking their bags or boarding passes.

In the now-deleted TikToke video, which has been reposted on Instagram, a couple was seen yelling at the cabin crew who told them the plane would not be able to take off unless they disembarked.

The woman said that she and her partner were “tired” after traveling all day and “not going anywhere”. According to the person who posted the video, all other passengers then had to disembark the plane, before “cops came on after we deplaned and escorted [the couple] off.”

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