Home Lifestyle Fans speculate about Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume as she shares hints online

Fans speculate about Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume as she shares hints online

Fans speculate about Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume as she shares hints online

Heidi Klum has shared that she’s in the works of creating her Halloween costume for this year, prompting fans to wonder what the “queen of Halloween” will be dressing up as.

On her Instagram on Sunday, the 49-year-old model revealed to her followers that she’d begun preparing for Halloween when she shared a nude photo of her bikini tan line.

Since then, she has continued to share videos about the work that’s going in to creating her over-the-top Halloween costume, including one showing all the paints that she’ll be incorporating into the outfit.

“A little colour, a little paint, makes you what you ain’t,” Klum wrote in the caption of one of her videos.

Earlier today, Klum also took part in a livestream with Amazon to discuss her Halloween plans and costume this year. During the video, Klum’s entire body, except her face, could be seen covered with a cloth as she sat in a makeup chair.

As she discussed her upcoming Halloween party, multiple makeup artists applied large layers of fake skin and dark eye makeup to her face.

While Klum didn’t reveal what her costume will be during her livestream, she did offer hints, including that her husband Tom Kaulitz would be dressing up as a fisherman in a coinciding outfit.

Following the livestream, fans have taken to the comments of Klum’s Instagram posts to share their guesses about what she will be.

“I am gonna guess the Lochness Monster,” one person wrote, while another said: “I think your costume is going to be Avatar inspired! At least that is what my guts tell me.”

A third person wrote: “Based on her last post maybe she’ll be [Anitta] for Halloween because of the tan lol.”

While Klum’s costume has yet to be revealed, many fans expressed their excitement for when Klum does share her official costume reveal.

“We miss you Halloween Queen! We are all waiting for the costume reveal,” one person wrote, while another said: “Girl you are giving me anxiety lol. Can’t wait for tonight.”

Along with her own look, Klum has posted sneak peaks of her husband’s costume on Instagram, with the model sharing a video of Kaulitz having an orange contact placed in his eye. In another video, makeup artists attached a patch of fake skin with an eye falling out above Kaulitz’s actual eye.

Over the years, Klum has earned the title the “Queen of Halloween” for the various creative costumes she has come up with.

In October 2020, during the pandemic, Klum took to Instagram to reveal that, while she couldn’t have her celebrity-filled annual party, she was finding a fun way to celebrate halloween with her family, with the model posting a five-minute long film title, “Heidi Does Halloween.

The short film, which featured Klum’s husband and four children, Helene, 18, Henry, 17, Johan, 15, and Lou, 13, centred on the model being chased around the house by her family, after they became zombies. As a result, she had to come up with a series of disguises, including one that saw her blend into a wood-panelled wall, with her neck, chest and arms transformed into a bulletin board.

In October 2021, she shared a continuation to her short film on Instagram, titled “Heidi Does Halloween II: Klum’s Day”. However, in this movie, it ended with Klum being turned into a zombie herself.


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