Aidan Turner says he ‘didn’t feel objectified’ amid Poldark fame

Aidan Turner has said that he did not feel objectified during the height of his fame when he starred in Poldark – and stills of his topless torso went viral.

Speaking to The Times, the actor reflected on the images from 2015, which became a nationwide talking point.

Asked if he felt objectified at the time, the 39-year-old replied: “No, I didn’t.”

He continued: “I mean, I know it’s different for a young guy to show up in some of those photographs or that kind of show, and have that kind of press, in comparison to it happening to a young girl.

“It’s a different thing. I don’t fear for my safety when I walk around. My demographic for Poldark was more women.”

Turner also reflected on fame more generally and explained that he often gets recognised when he’s out in public.

“I don’t hate it,” he said of the recognistion. “People have only ever been really, really kind, really lovely.

“And it’s only ever fans. I don’t love it because I’d like to not be noticed and I think a lot of actors too quite enjoy people-watching and observing and that goes out the window if you’re getting recognised.

“People are locking eyes with you. It just feels unsettling. It feels a bit creepy.”

When asked if all of the attention he received was from women, Turner replied: “Is it all women? Mostly. Mostly, is the accurate answer.”

The actor welcomed his first child with wife Caitlin Fitzgerald earlier this year and reflected on how fatherhood has changed his life.

“The sleepless nights are a real thing,” he said. “There’s a huge shift for sure. I think every man will understand what I mean by that.”

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