Home Lifestyle Adele says shopping and ‘special time’ with boyfriend Rich Paul make her happy

Adele says shopping and ‘special time’ with boyfriend Rich Paul make her happy

Adele says shopping and ‘special time’ with boyfriend Rich Paul make her happy

Adele has opened up about what makes her happy, with the singer detailing how much she enjoys “online shopping” and spending time with her boyfriend, Rich Paul.

The 34-year-old was asked to name a few things that have been contributing to her happiness lately on Wednesday while speaking at the “Happy Hour with Adele” livestream event in honour of the release of her music video for “I Drink Wine”.

In response to the question, Adele started by explaining that she’s been “buying a lot of clothes” and done “a lot of online shopping”.

“I’m not a hoarder, I just like to buy a lot of things, ‘cause I don’t really do very much,” the “Easy on Me” singer said. “Not in like a Michael Jackson way of like: ‘I’ll have that one, and I’ll have this one’, not like that. But I’m always like: ‘What if I need an outfit for this?’”

She went on to share that, since she doesn’t usually “go anywhere,” she’s had the opportunity to clear out some of her old stuff from an empty bedroom of her house, which she said was “amazing”.

“I have this spare bedroom in my house, and it was just filled with rails of stuff, and I gave it all away,” Adele continued. “I have this new, clear bedroom, which is amazing.”

While she has cleared some clutter, she noted that she “still loves to buy things,” such as “sneakers and sweats”.

Along with shopping, Adele revealed that she’s become “obsessed” with an online word game. While she couldn’t remember the exact name of puzzle, she did note that it was similar to Wordle.

“It’s the only app I’ve ever spent money on. I’m really annoyed at myself,” she admitted. “I’m on like level 900.”

After revealing that she also likes to spend time with her pets, she then moved on to the happiness she feels when enjoying quality time with her sports agent boyfriend.

“I’d say that and my dogs, and then making special time for Rich and stuff like that,” the “Hello” singer continued. “I mean, the season just started, and believe me, I’m actually a really big basketball fan. Thank God. So, I’ve also been doing that.”

This wasn’t the first time that Adele has opened up about boyfriend, after she confirmed her relationship with Paul in September 2021. During an interview with Elle in August, she gushed about how “happy” she is with Paul.

“I’m obsessed with him. I’m just in loooove! I’m happy as I’ll ever be. I might as well be married,” she said.

During the conversation, she shut down rumours that she was engaged and clarified that she has a love for “high-end jewellery” after she attended the BRIT Awards this year wearing a large diamond ring on her left hand.


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