We won £200,000 just after disaster struck – and we don't have to pay a penny to fix it

A COUPLE who suffered a plumbing disaster were delighted to discover they would not have to pay for the repairs after winning £200,000 in the People's Postcode Lottery.

Gary earned a share of the £1million jackpot on the same day his wife Elaine discovered a leak in the ceiling of their Devon home.


The stunned engineer won the big check on the same day a plumbing emergency occurredCredit: Postcode Lottery
Gary and his wife Elaine won £200,000 in the People's Postcode Lottery


Gary and his wife Elaine won £200,000 in the People's Postcode LotteryCredit: Postcode Lottery

The equipment engineer had received a call from the lottery office shortly before the emergency struck, informing him that a visit was coming.

Gary explains: “We were waiting for the Postcode Lottery to arrive and then Elaine discovered a leak in the ceiling, so it was a bit of a crisis.”

Elaine then called her cousin Corben, owner of a plumbing and heating company, to handle the emergency.

Little did he know he was in for a shocking surprise when presenter Matt Johnson revealed Gary's life-changing cheque.

In disbelief, Corben said, “I literally didn't even know.

“No one had even told me that the Postcode Lottery was coming, everyone in the family knew except me.

“To be there and see him get that is incredible. Mentally money.”

To further increase their profits, Corben assured the family that the repairs would be free.

He added: “I'm rooting for them, it's life-changing. But I can't press charges against them – they're my aunt and uncle, aren't they?”

Gary shared the fantastic prize with four lucky neighbors in Wolwell – all of whom live in postcode PL6 7SU.

He now plans to spend the money on a holiday to Benidorm in two weeks.

He said, 'I'm going to play golf in Portugal and maybe go to a football tournament in Portugal. Maybe. If I am allowed.”

I won the £166,000 jackpot in the People's Postcode Lottery… I knew I was going to win after the key signals came earlier today –

The doting husband also plans to treat Elaine to a spa weekend in Bath with her sister and niece.

He added: “I just can't believe the amount of money and the people who won it on the street too.”

Another People's Postcode Lottery winner – who this week collected £12,000 a month for a year – wasn't always the luckiest.

Retired NHS nurse Meg Carr, 69, and her husband Andy were evicted from their home in 1992 and were unable to buy it back for 22 years.

Read more about the Irish sun

The mother-of-five said: “It was heartbreaking to leave. We had a dream for this place, and they didn't allow it.

“But we never stopped asking to buy it back. And when they said we could have it, it was great.”

How does the People's Postcode Lottery work?

There is a possibility that players can win large cash prizes with the People's Postcode Lottery, but how does that work?

The Volkspostcodeloterij is an ongoing lottery with monthly subscriptions where paid tickets automatically participate in all prize draws.

Players can purchase up to three tickets to play in the draws, with each ticket based on their chosen postcode. It costs £12 per month to play.

Prizes are announced every day – and 33 percent of the ticket price goes to charities.

Prizes include £1 million shared in one winning postcode every Saturday, £30,000 for each winning ticket in one postcode every Sunday, and a multi-million pound prize shared in one postcode area every month.

This month Meg won 'An Unforgettable Year', claiming £12,000 every month for a year. She can also choose from a range of unique experiences – in the UK or abroad.

The award was promoted on behalf of the Postcode Support Trust, which supports organizations such as Missing People, Depaul UK and Royal Voluntary Service.

Gary called in his plumber cousin Corben to solve the problem when presenter Matt Johnson called with the check


Gary called in his plumber cousin Corben to solve the problem when presenter Matt Johnson called with the checkCredit: Postcode Lottery

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