We scooped the jackpot, but then the ticket was torn to shreds – we had to wait painfully

TWO sisters have told how their winning £300,000 scratch card was torn to shreds.

Lucy Dixon and sibling Annie had to endure an agonizing wait to see if they could claim their prize after the ticket was torn.


Lucy Dixon and her sister Annie accidentally tore a £300,000 National Lottery scratch card


Lucy, a full-time mother of five, said she rushed to support worker Annie’s home so she could check if it was a winning card purchased on April 8, 2017.

She said: “We looked at each other and when we realized we had won we started shouting and then jumping in the air.

“The scratch card was folded in my pocket and when we jumped in the air together, the card tore in half along the fold.”

The nurse then goes back to the Tesco store where Lucy had bought the card so they could double check the winnings.

After the store gave them confirmation, they were instructed to call the National Lottery.

Camelot had to perform a series of security checks, which ultimately confirmed the sibling’s victory.

After an agonizing month of waiting, the sisters received their money.

Lucy added that she couldn’t believe she ripped the winning scratch card, but after winning £300,000 she felt like she had to “celebrate hard” – adding that she slept with the card under her pillow.

Speaking about the win, mum-of-two Annie said: “It’s all a bit crazy.

“Neither of us are lucky, so this feeling is a bit unusual.

“It feels strange and yet fantastic.

‘It’s great to feel that we now have a huge financial cushion for both our families.

‘It’s not a huge amount, but a nice amount to treat ourselves with and put some aside for the future.

“It just takes a lot of stress away.”

The sisters are now deciding what to spend their winnings on. Lucy says she wants to book a family holiday while Annie has bought a new car.

A spokesperson for Camelot said: ‘We are so pleased to be able to pay the sisters this life-changing sum.

“It is vital that we ensure we pay the rightful ticket holder, and in situations like this it may take some time for these investigations to take place.”

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