Ukrainian refugee wins huge jackpot…and has an incredible idea for the winnings

A UKRAINIAN refugee has won a major jackpot after being forced to flee his country due to Putin’s brutal war.

The winner, who lives in Brussels, bought the scratchcard for only £4.30, and revealed he has big plans for his winnings.


The lucky refugee managed to win nearly half a million poundsCredit: Newsflash
He had fled to Brussels after the war broke out in 2022


He had fled to Brussels after the war broke out in 2022Credit: Getty

A spokesperson for the Belgian National Lottery has said that the whopping £430,000 win by the young man was “a sign of hope in dark times”.

Joke Vermoere, a spokesperson for the Belgian National Lottery, said: “He has mixed feelings about the win. It’s difficult to be happy about something like this, considering everything happening in his homeland.”

Vermoere also said: “We see many winners here, but in this case, we saw that it meant so much more to the winner.”

The winner’s name has not been revealed, but he is aged between 18 and 24, and fled his homeland due to the war before moving to Belgium.

With his new winnings, he hopes to help rebuild his home country, which has been torn apart by the ongoing conflict.

He told local media that he will also use his newfound winnings to throw a huge party for his friends and family, and for those who have helped him integrate to his new home.

Another lottery winner shared the bizarre way he spends £10,000 per year to entertain his staff.

Dave pays specialists to bring hundreds of the fish to his estate’s lake so he can spend all day fishing.

The 59-year-old, who won £108million on EuroMillions in 2011, even calls his ground staff to get them to ditch their duties and join him with a rod.

A pal said: “Dave fishes all day and is so generous he often ropes his staff into joining him. He’s just a brilliant bloke like that.

“You can’t blame someone for pursuing their passion when they’ve won money like that.”

A neighbour added: “He’s definitely an eccentric figure. I’ve heard he spends all day fishing. It sounds like a dream life.”

Another said: “It’s definitely not a shock that he imports fish. It fits the flashes of his personality I’ve experienced.”

Chelsea fan Dave and wife Angela, 55, have owned the property in Kent since 2017.

It is their main residence but they also own a mansion in Cobham, Surrey, which they have been trying to sell.

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