My husband’s £1.3 million lottery win has ruined our lives. I’m convinced he hid the money

A mother has shared her despair after her husband’s huge lottery win destroyed their marriage.

Jodie and Edwin had been married for several years and shared a child together when he won £1.3 million as part of a lottery syndicate.


Jodie says her marriage was ruined after Edwin won the lotteryCredit: YouTube/@Dr.Phil
She is convinced he hid the money under his brother's name so she couldn't access it


She is convinced he hid the money under his brother’s name so she couldn’t access itCredit: YouTube/@Dr.Phil

However, Jodie claims her husband has become a ‘paranoid’ man after the win and has tried to hide hundreds of thousands of pounds in expenses from her.

She believes Edwin treated his brother to a house worth £500,000, transferring the money into someone else’s name and denying her access to it.

“Winning the lottery changed our lives in a terrible way,” Jodie said.

She added that Edwin spent his winnings on cars, campers, snowmobiles and ATVs instead of buying them a family home.

“He thought it was his money and no one was going to tell him what to do with it,” Jodie added on an episode of Dr. Phil.

“I just wanted to be part of the decisions he made.

“All I really asked for was to buy a house.

“He transferred €500,000 to my account, but from then on he didn’t pay for anything.”

Jodie was lumped in with the financial responsibilities of paying their bills. But when the money Edwin had sent her dropped to £65,000 as a result, he was not happy.

She described him as ‘really upset and livid’ and demanded to know where his winnings had gone.

“He was so furious,” she remembers. “He became so paranoid.

“He would say, ‘you’re not entitled to anything, it was my money and my profits’.

“Edwin has made numerous threats of divorce.”

In one fight he revealed he only had £12,000 left from the huge win. Previously, Jodie assumed the couple had at least £574,000 left.

“He said he just gave it away and had enough,” she said.

But Jodie later discovered that Edwin had spent almost £500,000 on a house for his brother, leading her to believe he was putting the winnings under someone else’s name so she had “no access to them whatsoever”.

The couple appeared on the American television program Dr. Phil during the day to discuss their differences, but things seemed irreconcilable.

It’s not uncommon for marriages to break up after a big money win, a phenomenon known as the “lottery curse.”

Gillian Bayford, 50,’s eight-year marriage was destroyed when she and ex-husband Adrian raised £148million at the EuroMillions in 2012.

Read more about the Irish sun

Their lives changed overnight, putting so much strain on their relationship that it broke down completely 15 months after their victory.

Both Gillian and Adrian blamed the stress of their stunning victory as the cause of their divorce.

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