Lucky Lotto player wins a big amount, but narrowly misses out on the mega jackpot

A LUCKY Irish Lotto player has scooped a huge, life-changing sum – but just missed out on a huge €200 million jackpot.

The successful player managed to win the Match 5 + Lucky Star prize worth a whopping €266,633.


An Irish Lotto player has won €266,000
Lotto bosses have revealed the location of the winning ticket


Lotto bosses have revealed the location of the winning ticket

And one lucky Irish household is in for a big celebration after raising the big buck.

Lotto chiefs have now confirmed that the winning numbers in tonight’s Irish Lotto jackpot are: 4, 10, 14, 38, 50.

And the Lucky Star numbers were: 9 and 12.

Unfortunately, the mega jackpot, which was worth a whopping €200,000,000, was missed by just one digit by tonight’s lucky winner.

However, the player managed to cash in a huge €266,000 after matching five numbers and the Lucky Star bonus.

The winning ticket was sold in Wicklow.

Ireland’s only lottery also saw 10 winners of the €5,000 prize.

Meanwhile, there was no winner of the Lotto Plus prize worth €500,000.

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The winning numbers of tonight’s Lotto Plus draw were: 6, 28, 42, 43, 45.

Elsewhere, Ireland’s luckiest Lotto counties have been revealed.

National Lottery research has revealed that Dublin, 20, Cork, 6, and Waterford, 5, lead the way for the most EuroMillions millionaires in Ireland since the game launched in 2004.

In Dublin, winnings over the years amounted to €595,813,252, while in Cork approximately €40,075,172 was taken in, while Waterford winners took home €22,643,126.


Online players playing in the app or at came second in the official millionaires table with a total of 10 online millionaires in Ireland.

Since the EuroMillions game launched in Ireland in 2004, there have been 17 Irish EuroMillions jackpot winners.

In almost two decades, the EuroMillions game has created 66 millionaires across the country and paid out over €1.2 billion in life-changing prizes from €100,000 and up.

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