I’m a lottery winner who has spent £6 million on property, but I still live with MUM

A former prison guard who won the lottery jackpot has revealed he has spent more than half of it on property but still lives with his parents.

Reformed drug and gambling addict Kursat Yildirim, 43, known as Chico, turned his life around after winning £8.7 million in the German lottery last year.


Former prison guard spent £178,000 on a new Porsche Turbo S CabrioletCredit: Newsflash
The lottery winner is in a relationship with a 36-year-old police officer


The lottery winner is in a relationship with a 36-year-old police officerCredit: Newsflash
Chico earned £392,000 on a V8 Ferrari 448 Pista


Chico earned £392,000 on a V8 Ferrari 448 PistaCredit: Newsflash
His girlfriend continues to work for the police and wants to remain financially independent


His girlfriend continues to work for the police and wants to remain financially independentCredit: Newsflash

Now Chico has stunned his followers by revealing he has spent almost £6million on property.

The former crane operator does not want to say what kind of property he has acquired.

But when he admits to having spent £5.8 million, his girlfriend Candice Newgas steps in and says he’s not completely out of money.

“There is cash flow from your investments,” she said.

Chico added confidently, “Don’t worry, I still have plenty of money to spend.”

Candice, a 36-year-old police officer, reportedly ignored his messages for months but only accepted an invitation for a first date after he made his lottery scoop public.

The couple met when Candice pulled him over for speeding and issued a ticket.

The eligible bachelor fell in love at first sight and showered the redhead with gifts, including a Louis Vuitton bag.

One of Chico’s followers asked the couple if she had quit her job because of the windfall.

Chico responded by saying, “I’m not a sugar daddy, she’s still on the force.”

His beautiful redhead girlfriend added: “The only thing that has changed is that I am no longer on patrol.

“I’m now working on a prevention project.”

Chico made headlines by being completely open about his lottery winnings and how he spent the money.

His revelation that he has spent £5.8million on property has left fans stunned as he has been on a massive shopping spree since winning the jackpot.

Chico not only spent £392,000 on a V8 Ferrari 448 Pista and another £178,000 on a Porsche Turbo S Cabriolet.

He also spent eye-watering sums on luxury watches and designer clothes.

Chico left his fans stunned when he was spotted with a pet alligator, walking the 4-foot-long reptile on a dog leash in public.

In his latest Q&A fan video, which has racked up more than 8,000 views in 24 hours, Chico reflected on his new life, saying, “I’m really enjoying everything right now.”

The newly discovered millionaire enjoys media attention and plans to stay in the public eye for a long time.

With a big smile on his face, he added: “My goal is to stay in the media for as long as possible.

‘But without causing scandals, of course.

“I must say that I would like to shoot a movie and become a flagship model for a major brand.”

When a follower wants to know if he is living with his girlfriend, Chico admits: “Guys, you’ve probably never seen such a multi-millionaire.

“I still live with my parents.”

Chico came to Dortmund, Germanywith his Turkish parents at the age of 12.

Now the internet star admits that at the age of 43 he still lives in a family home.

He explained: “I’m very happy.

“You shouldn’t forget where you came from.”

Chico adds that he is “of course looking for a nice house” and emphasizes once again how happy he is.

His girlfriend then adds, “Claiming ‘never forget where you came from’ is a great way to justify still living with your mother at 43.”

The video on social media, which also shows Chico casually taking a €500 note from his pocket, follows Chico’s remarkable appearance on a late night chat show.

When asked why he decided to spend lavishly on large sums of his lottery jackpot, Chico told the hosts of public broadcaster WDR’s Koelner Treff program: “I come from the streets.

‘Two years ago I was still in prison.

‘I was a lost soul, addicted to drugs and gambling.

“When I got the money, I kind of gave in.”

Chico said he still played the lottery, but he had been able to quit all his other addictions.

He said: ‘The last ten years have been crazy.

“That is why I would very much like to take this opportunity to call on all of you: Hands off the drugs.

‘I was just lucky, but you might have to pay for it with your life.

‘My family has had to go through a lot.

“I’ve made every mistake possible.”

About his first decisions after learning he is a multi-millionaire, he said: “I wanted to give a lot.

‘I started doing that straight away.

“At food banks and for children suffering from cancer.”

Chico added: “And I paid my debts.

“You know, I was in debt to literally everyone around me.”

He explained: “I owed some people €2,000.

“I’d say to them, ‘Here’s 5,000 here.’

“Those who helped me with 8,000 euros got 15,000.”

The first episode of a real-life documentary about his efforts after the jackpot, entitled ‘New Life, New Happiness!?’ will be broadcast tonight in primetime by the private television channel VOX.

Netizens are delighted with Chico’s open-minded attitude.

User ‘StefanHobeck8100’ commented: “I love this man.

‘Only the best for him.

“He will never go bankrupt because he has a family that will take care of him.”

‘TanjaMarder7322’ responded by saying: “Finally someone who deserves to hit the jackpot.

“He has a big heart and helps others.

“You hardly see that anymore these days.”

‘MissColazitrone’ just added: “They’re a cute couple! So authentic.”

And ‘Droogie1282’ said: “If you want to hope anyone wins the lottery, it should be this guy.

Read more about the Irish sun

‘Enjoy it, Chiko.

“And seriously, I hope you hit the jackpot for the second time!”

Chico spent £885 a night in a luxury skyscraper hotel in Dubai


Chico spent £885 a night in a luxury skyscraper hotel in DubaiCredit: Newsflash
The lottery winner splashes out on expensive vacations, luxury watches and exotic animals


The lottery winner splashes out on expensive vacations, luxury watches and exotic animalsCredit: Newsflash

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