I won the lottery and treated my family to a luxury holiday – they called me selfish

A MAN has been left stunned after his family expected money from his lottery winnings.

He revealed he had won a million pounds in the lottery and decided to take thirteen close relatives for a lavish holiday.


The man was attacked by his family for taking them on holiday instead of giving them money from his winningsCredit: Getty

Most of us dream of hitting the jackpot and fantasize about all the things we can spend that money on.

But the man decided to be wise and put most of it away in savings, while still treating his family.

He won $1 million (£790.00) but wanted to keep his winnings “as quiet as possible”.

The lucky winner knew it was “not nearly enough to retire quickly,” but knew it would help in difficult financial times.

He decided to keep it a secret and only told immediate family members because he had heard horror stories about past winners being swarmed by people they knew for money awards.

Instead of giving anyone cash, he planned a luxury trip to the Bahamas for thirteen family members, paying for flights, a villa and meals there.

But by the end of the trip, it seemed his relatives were hoping for more.

“The trip was great, but towards the end it started to feel like some of my family members were… expecting more?” he added.

“They kept asking if I had any ‘big surprises’ planned for the end of the trip, or if I was planning on doing something ‘over the top’ to round out the holiday.”

To top off the holiday he took them all out for dinner, but when he got home his aunt sent him a disappointing email.

She wrote that several family members were “appalled” that he had not shared his winnings in a “more generous way,” insinuating that they expected him to hand out money.

To top it all off, his brother also called him after the break and branded him ‘selfish’ for ‘shoving his new money in their faces’, suggesting he should have just given them money instead of a holiday.

The brother went on to say that his entire family had the same thoughts and “expected” him to give them all cash.

Looking at the Daily Mail’s Aunt column Dear Jane, the man added: “I’m really devastated, I mean I spent tens of thousands of dollars taking them on holiday and that wasn’t good enough?

“Part of me wants to cut them all off for good with a birdie, but then a guilty feeling creeps into me and I start to think maybe they were right. Should I send them all in cash for Christmas and then it’s just done? ?”

Jane Green, an internationally bestselling author, advised him that he did not owe his family any money and that they should not let his guilt “plague” them.

She further suggested putting the money in a trust fund with a financial advisor to take care of the money.

It seemed the family would have preferred to hand out cash


It seemed the family would have preferred to hand out cashCredit: Getty

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