I won a £190,000 Lamborghini Urus S in a 90p lottery… but I turned it down

A MAN who won a £190,000 Lamborghini Urus S in a 90p lottery has revealed why he turned it down in favor of a Toyota.

Cory Thackstone received the birthday gift of a lifetime just days after turning 22 when Christian Williams from the Best of the Best (BOTB) competition showed up with the luxury SUV.


Cory Thackstone (centre left) won a £190,000 Lamborghini just days after his 22nd birthdayCredit: YouTube/BOTBdreamcars
However, he turned it down to buy his 'dream' Toyota


However, he turned it down to buy his ‘dream’ ToyotaCredit: YouTube/BOTBdreamcars

Cory, from Market Harborough, Leicestershire, paid less than a pound per ticket to play an online spot-the-ball challenge from BOTB and was thrilled with his big win.

He told Leicester Mercury: “This means the world to me. It’s going to completely change my life.

“As a family we have had to work very, very hard for what we have, so winning this award gives us great security.

“I just turned 22 a few weeks ago, so this is hands down the best birthday present I’ve ever had.”

However, Cory, who works as a maintenance engineer for a plastics company, actually made the decision to reject the Lambo and claim a cash alternative instead.

This would allow him to buy his ‘dream car’, a Toyota Supra Mark IV.

He explained: “The Lamborghini Urus S is a great car and I’ve always wanted one that pops and bangs, but the one car I’ve always wanted is the Toyota Supra Mark IV.”

In a video on BOTB’s YouTube channel, he also revealed that he had wanted the Japanese sports car since he was 13.

He even has a tattoo on his forearm of the emblem design on the side of the 1994 Supra driven by beloved late actor Paul Walker in the first Fast & Furious film, released in 2001.

And Cory’s victory only got bigger when, much to his shock, Christian also presented him with a cash prize of £50,000 and a year’s supply of pizza.

The radio host and self-confessed petrolhead added: “A huge congratulations to Cory on winning this wonderful prize, one of the largest prize bundles in BOTB history.

“It’s not every day that a 22-year-old wins a £190,000 Lamborghini.

“His parents told me that as soon as he started the car and revved it, he giggled like a little schoolboy and he didn’t let me down. That’s exactly what I do when I get in a car and rev it.”

It comes after an influencer’s new luxury car was vandalized just hours after she showed it off on social media.

Meanwhile, the owner of a microbrewery is embroiled in a battle with a major car company over their logo.

He traded in the Lambo for the cash alternative on top of the additional £50,000 prize he had already received


He traded in the Lambo for the cash alternative on top of the additional £50,000 prize he had already receivedCredit: YouTube/BOTBdreamcars
He also won a year's supply of pizza


He also won a year’s supply of pizzaCredit: YouTube/BOTBdreamcars

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