I won £4 million on the EuroMillions – seconds later I was poor again

A lottery winner has described how their world came crashing down just moments after they discovered they had won.

Taking to Reddit, the lottery player revealed the ‘biggest’ three seconds of his life when he thought he had won the Euromillions.


A man has spoken of his disappointment after believing he had won the EuroMillionsCredit: Reddit

Captioning his post, the chap wrote: “When I woke up not too long ago my brain just saw £4 and a million… these were the best 3 seconds of my life.”

He then shared a screenshot of the ‘winning’ announcement on his lottery account, which showed he had won £4 instead of £4 million.

Fellow lottery misfortunes were quick to share their own disappointing wins.

Commenting on the post, someone wrote: “I got excited last night when I logged into my lottery and saw I had a winner on Thunderball…I just matched the Thunderball for £3.”

A second added: “I had a 15 second win in the lottery. I can tell you it is complete disbelief.

‘There is a silence between my ears as I fight surprise and panic. How were those figures arrived at?

“Check, check again, check again… I stop myself from celebrating because I know the odds. Oh, it turns out to be an old card with exactly the right numbers.’

Another quickly felt sorry: “From multi-millionaire to not quite being able to afford the new Tesco meal deal in 3 seconds”

“Congratulations on your three-second win, my man,” another teased.

But he’s not the first player to think he’s achieved a big win only to be left disappointed.

Vlogger Chloe Hill, 32, from Yorkshire, took to TikTok to share the unfortunate misunderstanding with her followers.

Chloe showed a screenshot of an email she received from the National Lottery.

I see lottery tickets being bought every day. I would recommend the same scratch card every time, there is ‘little risk’

It read: ‘Good news. You have won a prize in the National Lottery.’

The Lotto results for the jackpot of £8,606,092 on May 11, 2022 were 21, 34, 37, 39, 44, 51 and the bonus ball was 26.

However, when she discovered the amount she had actually won, she was deeply disappointed.

After accessing her National Lottery account, it quickly became clear that Chloe had won just £3 on the Thunderball.

Chloe showed a screenshot of an email she received from the National Lottery


Chloe showed a screenshot of an email she received from the National LotteryCredit: chloehillvlogs

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