I won £30k on lotto after mum nagged me to sign up… I’m not the only lucky one

A MAN has revealed that he won £30,000 on the lottery after his mum nagged him to sign up.

Sufyaan Baileche, 29, scooped the prize as part of the People’s Postcode Lottery in 2020.


Sufyaan Baileche scooped a whopping £30,000 jackpot in 2020Credit: postcode lottery

Sufyaan, from Chelmsford, Essex, had only signed up to the subscription-based competition at the urging of his mother two months earlier.

At the time he said: “My mum has been doing it for years and has had a few small wins.

“As soon as I moved out, she said I should sign up with my own postcode.

“I think she will be really pleased for me, but I know she will be jealous.

“She’ll be like, ‘You jammy git, you’ve done it for two months and look how much you’ve won!”

He added that his plan was to take his mum on a dream holiday to the USA.

Sufyaan explained: “My mum has always wanted to take me to New York, but now maybe I can treat her and take her.

“Especially seeing as she got me to sign up. She wants to go to Broadway so we can go there.

“I’ve never ever had this amount of money in a bank account at one time, I don’t even think my parents have.

“It’s insane. The possibilities are endless.”

People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador, Jeff Brazier, said: “It was a pleasure to virtually reveal Sufyaan’s cheque to him.

“It sounds like he has his mum to thank for winning so I’m sure she’ll be happy with his holiday plans for them.”

It comes as Sufyaan’s neighbours in Chelmsford discovered that they will be in for a big payday through the competition.

Hundreds of people with postcodes beginning CM17 will receive at least £1,000 each if they subscribe to the lottery.

Lucky locals will share the £3.2million jackpot, but the largest prizes will go to the residents of one postcode in particular, which organisers are set to reveal on June 3.

The lottery costs £10 a month and guarantees winners every day, with all players automatically entered into draws.

A minimum of 32% of each ticket sale goes to charity too.

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