I hid my winning lottery ticket for safekeeping – but then disaster struck

A WARY woman hid her winning lottery ticket for safekeeping after scooping the jackpot – but ended up forgetting where she put it.

Srijana Wosti, 41, initially thought she had found the ideal bolthole for the valuable slip when she stuffed it inside an old suitcase.


Srijana Wosti, 41, stashed her winning scratch card in a secret hiding spot – only to forget where she put itCredit: Newsflash
She realised she had won the jackpot while visiting her local store in Maryland


She realised she had won the jackpot while visiting her local store in MarylandCredit: Newsflash

But her hide-and-seek skills came back to bite her when she was left unable to recall where she had put the lucky ticket.

The 41-year-old, from Silver Spring, Maryland, thought she had only won £40 when she first checked her scratch card in June.

So she was left elated when she headed to the Kemp Mill Beer, Wine and Deli to redeem the cash, only to discover there were a few more zeroes on the end of her prize.

She had actually earned the much heftier some of £40,600 on her £4 Family Feud themed ticket – which she only purchased thanks to her love of the show’s host Steve Harvey.

Shocked Srijana was left terrified she might lose her winning scratch card before officially claiming her prize, so decided to stash it in a secret hiding spot.

The elated American informed her friends and family of her fortune and went about planning when she would cash in on it.

However, amidst all the excitement, Srijana completely forgot where she had expertly hidden the scratch card months earlier.

The frantic punter said she was beside herself, believing that the ticket would end up invalid and she would miss out on her winnings.

Srijana scoured every corner of her entire house in the hopes of finding it – only to discover it stuffed in an old suitcase.

She exclaimed: “I was so relieved to find it, and to know I wasn’t too late.”

The lotto winner went on to secure her £40,600 prize, while revealing she purchased the scratch card as she enjoys watching Family Feud reveal winners on air.

Srijana added: “I like to watch the show on television, and I like that Steve Harvey.”

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