Grandma is asked so often about winning the lottery by an ex-detective and says she will never play again

A LOTTO jackpot winner vowed she will never play again after an ex-detective questioned her as “some kind of criminal” in her own home.

Gran Amelia Barnham won £800 on a £1 HotPicks ticket, but has won a whopping £23,600 in small prizes in total.


Amelia and Tony Barnham have vowed never to play the lottery againCredit: Dan Charity
The winner is still waiting for her money


The winner is still waiting for her moneyCredit: Dan Charity

The 69-year-old, who lives with husband Tony in Hammersmith, west London, spends as much as £60 a week on lotto games.

So she was stunned when Allwyn launched their investigation into a loyal customer.

Amelia said: “This has stressed me out so much and I am furious.

“I was treated like some kind of criminal, and it was intimidating when someone came to my house.”

Allwyn sent an ex-detective to her house and told Amelia that she had to prove her identity because of so many previous victories.

Since the shocking interrogation, the mother of three has still not received her winnings from winning the jackpot on February 3.

“The numbers came from the national draw – so they thought I was printing the tickets or something?” Amelia added.

“I've never had these problems before and I'm afraid this will put people off buying tickets.”

The disgusted Lotto winner told how the ex-detective flashed his badge and took pictures of her passport “for 30 years” as she ordered to see bank statements.

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To her surprise, he also photographed Amelia himself.

Amelia denounced the interrogation: 'It's ridiculous. He was embarrassed and kept saying sorry.

“He also said, 'I am only the messenger.'

“How can they treat people like this?

“It made me feel very uncomfortable and angry.”

The stressful ordeal started when she tried to collect her windfall from the post office.

She was told to validate her ticket at the Tesco where she bought it, but there Amelia was told to contact Allwyn.

After submitting photos of her ticket, she was told an investigator would go to her home.

'Very frightening'

When speaking about the ex-researcher, Amelia branded Allwyn's move as “disgusting and disgraceful.”

She said: 'If this happened to someone who was very old, they wouldn't like anyone coming to their house.

“It can be quite scary.

“I find it disgusting and disgraceful the way I have been treated, and I am sure many others have been treated.

“I will never buy tickets again – not if I'm going to have this kind of problem getting winnings owed to me.”

The grandmother also said she would “warn other players” to save them from the same “disturbing” experience.

A spokesperson for Allwyn said: “This is a new claims process following the Post Office's decision to no longer pay out National Lottery retail prizes between £500.01 and £50,000.

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“Security checks are an important part of the process of validating a winning ticket to ensure we maintain the integrity of the National Lottery.

“All our players are very important to us and we strive to provide them with the most positive experience possible, so we are sorry to hear Ms Barnham's concerns and we will certainly be in touch with her as we wish. Speak to those with her.”

Four people who won a lot and lost everything

Mark isn't the first lottery winner to suffer massive setbacks after winning the jackpot…

Callie Rogers

  • She became Britain's youngest lottery winner when she won £1.9 million in 2003.
  • Eighteen years after her victory, Callie was revealed to be claiming Universal Credit after losing her fortune. The revelation came during a trial after she was involved in a car accident while taking cocaine in December 2020.

Michael Caroll

  • The self-styled 'King of Chavs' was 19 when he won £9,736,131 from the National Lottery in November 2002.
  • Carroll's wife, Sandra, left him just a month after their wedding in 2003 after she was shocked by his incessant partying and accused him of cheating on her with sex workers.
  • He was also given an ASBO for terrorizing his neighbors and spent time in prison for affray and failing to comply with a drug treatment order.
  • In February 2010, Michael was declared bankrupt and claimed Jobseeker's Allowance.
  • He lost his entire fortune and was found in 2019 working for £10 an hour chopping wood and delivering coal.

Gillian and Adrian Bayford

  • The couple's lives changed in 2012 when they raked in a whopping £148 million.
  • But just 15 months after the victory, their eight-year marriage ended, with both parties partly blaming stress for their stunning victory.
  • Gillian is now with fraudster Brian Deans, who was jailed for six months in 2012 after stealing £13,500 in fake refunds from Tesco.

Margaret Loughrey

  • She earned £27 million in 2013, becoming Northern Ireland's biggest winner at the time.
  • Tragically, Margaret, now in her 50s, was found dead in her home in September 2021.
The grandmother described the experience as 'disturbing'


The grandmother described the experience as 'disturbing'Credit: Dan Charity

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