Couple who won £32m jackpot have SPLIT & are sharing prize with new lovers

A COUPLE who vowed to stay ‘Mr and Mrs boring and normal’ after bagging a £32.5m lottery jackpot have split – and are both now sharing their millions with new lovers.

Teachers Gerry and Lisa Cannings promised they would keep their feet on the ground and not let their huge fortune ‘change them’.


Gerry and Lisa Cannings bagged a £32.5m lottery jackpot in 2016 – but have since splitCredit: Terry Harris
Gerry, 70, is now loved up with Samantha Cardell


Gerry, 70, is now loved up with Samantha CardellCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
Gerry lives with Samantha in a stunning country mansion


Gerry lives with Samantha in a stunning country mansionCredit: Terry Harris

But the couple are now believed to have divorced and are living in mansions eight miles apart with new lovers they now share their millions with.

Twice-married ex-history teacher Gerry, 70, is enjoying a champagne-quaffing lifestyle with new love with Samantha Cardell, 55 – a parent at the school where he taught before his win.

Meanwhile Lisa – now blonde – has found love with football-mad trucker Carl Weaver.

Mum-of-three Sam previously lived in a £750,000 detached home with her Ford Galaxy-driving accountant ex Andrew, at the end of the country lane where Gerry bought his Lotto mansion.

She is now a named owner of the £2m newbuild country mansion she shares with Gerry in Lincolnshire.

Meanwhile, turquoise Porsche-driving Lisa, 55, is still at the £2m mansion she bought with Gerry after their 2016 jackpot, now with Carl – who until at least last year was still driving lorries.

A pal said: “Everyone has tried to make out there was this dramatic split with affairs and things – but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

“The reality is Gerry and Lisa split and have both happily found new people to move on with.

“Gerry isn’t known as much of a spender so it’s fantastic he’s found someone to help him enjoy all those millions he’s got in the bank.”

Another friend said: “Lisa is enjoying the quiet life with her down-to-earth new man – gardening and going on walks after years of slogging it out as a teacher.

“No-one knows if Carl has converted Lisa to supporting Wolves, but you can bet he’s tried.”

Companies house show Gerry and Lisa split during lockdown in 2020 – before Lisa resigned from the limited company the family used as their investment vehicle.

Gerry and his two sons from his first marriage remained directors, leaving it unclear what proportion of Gerry’s winnings Lisa was entitled to.

A local farmer, who knows Gerry, said: “Everyone around here knows Gerry is the lottery winner and Samantha is his new partner.

“He’s a decent fella and we’re chuffed for him but a bit envious that he doesn’t need to work.”

One of Lisa’s neighbours said: “We first saw them together in the village pub and I thought ‘Hello, what’s going on here?”


“Good luck to them. They are good neighbours and keep themselves to themselves. It is a lovely, quiet village.”

Another neighbour said: “It’s no secret that Lisa and Carl are together and Gerry and Samantha. I assume Lisa and Gerry are getting divorced now, they split up some time ago.

“Everyone knows the Cannings are the Lotto winners but it does show that winning can destroy people and marriages.”

Speaking at the time of his life-changing win, Gerry, who lived in a £220,000 house, said: “We’re normal, we just do normal things and we want to carry on doing normal things.”

“We don’t really worry about things or make a drama. You could say we’re a bit boring like that.”

He said there would be no lavish change in their lifestyle and their son, then aged 11, Sam would have to wait until his birthday four months later to get the Xbox he had always wanted.

The keen golfer, who has two adult sons and five grandchildren added: “We will help them buy houses and make sure they are comfortable, but we don’t want money to take over their lives.”

He told how he had seen a poster advertising the rollover when he went to buy fish and chips on the evening of the draw. 


He explained: “I thought, well, why not? So I went and asked for five lucky dips. And one of them turned out to be lucky. It didn’t seem real.”

The couple, who had chosen to go public, had together vowed “to carry on as boringly and normally as we always have.”

They matched all six lucky numbers – 15, 16, 23, 39, 48, and 59 – beating odds of 45 million-to-one to win the jackpot, which was the result of nine consecutive rollovers.

Lisa told how had sent a text message to all her friends and family saying: “Won the lottery jackpot! Catch us on the news! Speak to you soon! OMG!”

The couple said they would buy a bigger and better home and upgrade their modest cars.

Lisa said “oh no” when approached by The Sun.

Gerry said: “If you are press, no comment. I spoke out at the time. I’ve done my bit.”

Gerry’s first wife Jenny Brown, 68 – who famously once said she would not take him back for £32m – said she now only had contact with Gerry over their grandchildren.

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Samantha’s ex Andy declined to comment when approached by The Sun, saying: “I have a divorce going through and if anything came up to jeopardise that it would be wrong.”

He refused to say if he blamed Gerry for his marriage ending, replying: “I’m not answering that at the moment.”

Lisa is now with lover Carl


Lisa is now with lover CarlCredit: Terry Harris
Lisa lives in a country estate with a tennis court, just miles from her ex-husband


Lisa lives in a country estate with a tennis court, just miles from her ex-husbandCredit: Terry Harris

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