Why Kate Middleton waited to tell her children about her cancer diagnosis

After months of speculation regarding Kate Middletonwhere she is and her health, the Princess of Wales has revealed she has been diagnosed with cancer.

In a video statement shared by Buckingham Palace On Friday, Kate explained that tests performed after her abdominal surgery in January showed “cancer was present.”

The mother of three did not reveal what type of cancer she is battling, only that she is currently undergoing “preventive chemotherapy” and is “now in the early stages of that treatment.”

Kate, 42, said news of her cancer diagnosis was a “huge shock” for the royal family. She explained that she and Prince William tried to resolve the situation privately for the sake of their young children: Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5.

“As you can imagine, this has taken time. It has taken me time to recover from major surgery to start my treatment. But most importantly, it has taken us time to explain everything in a friendly way to George, Charlotte and Louie in a way that is appropriate for them and to reassure them that I am doing well,” she said in the announcement. “As I told them, I am doing well, and I am stronger every day by focusing on the things that will help me heal in my mind, body and spirit. Having William by my side is also a great source of comfort and reassurance. as is the love, support and kindness shown by has been shown to so many of you.”

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Concluding the video, Kate said: 'We hope you understand that as a family we now need some time, space and privacy while I complete my treatment. My work has always brought me a deep sense of joy and I look forward to being back when I am able, but for now I must focus on making a full recovery.”

“To anyone facing this disease in any form, please do not lose faith or hope. You are not alone,” she added.

Following the devastating news, a source told ET that Kate filmed the video on March 20 and received cancer treatment shortly after her surgery in January.

William and Kate struggled to tell their children, the source explained, because they wanted to protect them as much as possible. “Children process information in different ways. Their main concern was to be able to explain this to the children in a way that was reassuring and that they could process it,” the source said.

And despite all the incorrect speculation on social media, a source says that William has been by Kate's side and that his main goal through all of this has been to support his wife and his children.

Another source tells ET: “Kate was diagnosed with cancer and is being treated for it. Kate and her family know she has a long road ahead of her, but she remains positive. Ultimately, Kate's main concern is her children and she is doing everything she can to maintain normalcy for them while she battles the disease.”

The revelation of the cancer diagnosis comes just days later a possible breach of Kate's health records. The British tabloid was published on March 19 The mirror reported that the London Clinic, where Kate was treated for her abdominal surgery, had launched an investigation into claims that employees tried to access her personal medical records.

The The Office of the Information Commissionerthe UK data watchdog, later released a statement confirming that they are investigating the matter.

The ICO shared: “We can confirm that we have received a breach report and are assessing the information provided.”

Kate's diagnosis is especially sobering news after Buckingham Palace announced it last month King Charles III Has been diagnosed with cancer.

The palace announced that Charles was diagnosed with cancer following an unrelated procedure for an enlarged prostate. The Palace has not made it clear what type of cancer Charles has or at what stage.

In the aftermath of his diagnosis, William took over many of his official duties as Charles' allowances were scaled back for cancer treatment. Prince Harry too paid a 24-hour visit to his father.

After his visit, Harry talked about his father's diagnosis and gave an update on his health. “I love my family,” the 39-year-old father of two declared during an interview with Will Reeve. “The fact that I was able to get on a plane and visit him and spend time with him, I'm grateful for that.”

When asked if his father's health played a role in healing their relationship, Harry said it did.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Yes, I'm sure.”

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