Why ‘Golden Bachelor’s Sandra has no regrets about missing her child’s wedding

Sandra Mason is happy she decided to act The golden bachelor, even if it meant missing her daughter’s wedding. ET’s Denny Directo then spoke with the 75-year-old retired executive assistant Gerry Turner eliminated her from the seriesand she revealed why she has ‘zero’ regrets about it not attending her daughter’s wedding.

“My son-in-law said to me, ‘Mom, the ceremony lasts eight minutes. Marriage is forever.’ He said, “Go. Go!” My daughter said, ‘Mom, I found my husband, you go find yours,'” Sandra told ET. “They were both a little disturbed that I was even considering not going because of their wedding. They were both married before. She’s almost 51, he’s 53. Dad, Grandpa. They’re just wonderful people. He’s a gem .”

Sandra made the decision to pursue her chance at love not just like that, but rather after being single for almost three decades.

“I’ve dated traditionally, I’ve double dated, I’ve blind dated, I’ve speed dated, I’ve dated online, and now I have TV dates…I saw the [casting] ad on Zach [Shallcross’] season,” she said. ‘…I looked at the Bachelor education franchise for years, so I asked myself then, ‘Why not?’ So I filled out the application form. I even called my daughter and she helped me formulate some answers.”

A few months after she submitted the application, Sandra received a phone call that set the process in motion. Watching that return journey was a mixed bag for Sandra.

“I watched the season and I smile and I cringe, and I smile and I cringe. It feels like, ‘Oh, that’s not a good picture of me. Oh, did I say that?'” she said. “Everything that should have, would have, could have.”

Her family, meanwhile, are ‘absolutely excited’, with Sandra noting: ‘They’re sending me articles with my name in them. They’re just cheerleading.’

The experience was great for Sandra, even though she didn’t find love on the show.

“He didn’t choose me,” Sandra said of the retired restaurateur. “It is clear that his connections with my other sister wives was just a little deeper, stronger, and more starry-eyed than my relationship with him. He followed his heart. Great guy. We got along well, but it wasn’t love on his part.”

ABC/Craig Shodin

Since leaving the show, Sandra hasn’t had time to date, although she is now “more motivated” about it.

“I’m not going to quit just because Gerry wasn’t the man,” she said, before confirming she would “very much consider” starring The Golden Bachelorette if requested.

For now, she’s focusing on looking and feeling young, something she attributes to three key lifestyle choices.

“The answer is not a popular answer. One of the things that I think affects the longevity of my skin is that I don’t drink alcohol. That’s not a moral issue, it’s a matter of taste. tried Everything I’ve tasted is gross. So why bother? I think that’s made a difference in the long run,” she said. “…I try to avoid the sun. Sun damage is not your friend. I think the third is: outside The golden bachelorI never [wear] makeup, the foundation powder stuff. I think things like that make a difference day after day, year after year.”

The golden bachelor airs Thursdays on ABC. To follow Gerry Turner‘s journey to love with ET’s coverage of the show.

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