“Who are The Churnups?:” The mystery band on Glastonbury Festival 2023 lineup leaves fans guessing

The Churnups are a mysterious act that is set to play at one of the premier slots at the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival 2023. The act is set to play on the opening day of the festival on June 23, 2023, at the Worthy Farm venue, and the mysterious band and the lack of information about them have set fans abuzz with speculation.

The band, which has a Twitter account but no image or supporting information, was teased by the festival in its full lineup reveal on May 30, 2023.

Fans are guessing as to who the mysterious act might be, perplexed by the center stage attention being given by the festival to such an act, as one netizen summed up in their tweet:

Fans speculate The Churnups to be a big act

The mystery surrounding the act has garnered attention on social media, with many reacting to the lineup by guessing who the band might be. Some of the initial speculation surrounding the band was that it was actually Pulp. However, Pulp band member Nick Banks released a statement that ended such speculation, stating that Pulp was not The Churnups.

@ashleylauren_27 The Churnups is clearly pulp.
Also means you can find new bands acts
Here’s some clarifications

The Wednesday of which I speak is Sheffield Wednesday FC. League 1 play-off winners.

Though it’s very tempting to tease you lot again. I know nothing of the ‘Churnups’ band. Ok?

Over and out. (For now)

Other speculation suggests the band Foo Fighters. Fans point to the Seattle Times interview, which reveals that Barrett Jones and Dave Grohl used to be part of a band called the Churn as teenagers, before the formation of Nirvana or the Foo Fighters. Internet media has also pointed out that Over and Out, with which Nick Banks ended his tweet, is a 2005 Foo Fighters song.

Some fans have also pointed out Dave Grohl’s leg cast in the Churnups teasers, as well as the hawk on the Glastonbury festival posters, which could be a nod to the late Foo Fighters drummer Tony Hawkins.

Right… ur not helping me to chill on this Foo’s theory and I’ve been led on all day so might as well continue If anything, maybe it gets so hyped they just have to turn up

.. that bird to the right does look like their hawk! #Glastonbury twitter.com/jordanadams1/s…

The other speculations have included a reunion of Oasis, an act with Mel Giedroyc, or even the 1975, though most of the other speculations seem to be more fan theories than knowledge-based conjectures.

If Mel Giedroyc isn’t part of TheChurnUps at #Glastonbury I am going to be so disappointed.
so what if ‘The Churnups’ are actually @the1975 I have no logical reason for this other than pure hope

Some fans are, however, reacting by stating that there isn’t enough information to speculate on the topic as of yet and that everyone should wait for more information before speculating as to who the Churnups really are.

The internet doesn’t appear to have heard of this alleged “The Churnups” act. Something afoot in that slot? #glastonbury
I’m going to take the advice from @glastobation and chill on the ‘churnups’ theories until more evidence, as my head is scrambled today as is! #Glastonbury

The Glastonbury Festival will be celebrating its 53rd anniversary this year, having been first held in 1970. The festival follows a fallow pattern in between three and five editions, a pattern that was set by the 1992 fiasco involving the Travellers, which is considered to be the last nail in the coffin of the British free festivals.

The festival has been a source of controversy in terms of its ticketing, following the end of the free festival, with the festival releasing a limited number of tickets compared to high demand. The festival this year has been met with criticism for its all-male headliner sets.

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