‘The Voice’: Lila Forde Shows Impressive Vocals on ‘The Weight’

Lila Forde lent her smoky vocals to an impressive final performance!

The voiceThe Season 24 finale kicked off Monday, with each Top 5 finalist performing one up-tempo song and one ballad.

Lila is team Johannes Legend‘s only finalist this season and she showed off her qualities with a sultry, soulful rendition of The Band’s ‘The Weight’.

“You have so much confidence, but it’s so easy for you,” Gwen Stefnai said excitedly. “I’m cheering for you.”

“You bring so much individuality and authenticity to everything you do,” her coach agreed. “You just look so comfortable, like you’re in the room where you’re supposed to be.”

Lila has been a fixture on Team Legend since the very beginning, earning a four-chair turn for her Blind Audition performance of Steve Winwood’s ‘Can’t Find My Way Home’. Her retro-tinged tone also helped her win her Battle Round performance of ‘Killing Me Softly’, and Niall admitted she’s the singer he fears most in his life.

The singer also channeled her inner singer-songwriter for her knockout win with James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain,” and for the playoffs, John chose Bonnie Raitt and John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery,” which gave Lila her stop in the live shows. .

“I chose Lila because she was magical every round,” praised John during his final Playoff matches. “[There’s] no one else like them in the league. She has so much confidence and presence, and that’s really rare. Lila’s future looks so bright The voice and further.”

ET spoke with the coaches on the red carpet ahead of the first live show of the season, and they were all amazed at the range of talent they saw on this year’s show.

“The talent this year was all over the board, all our teams are pretty insane,” Niall raved. “The voices I have this year are some of the best singers I have ever heard.”

John agreed, saying, “The depth of talent this season is better than I’ve ever seen on this show since I’ve been here.”

“This is my eighth season and I have never seen such a level of quality across the board,” he continued. “I am so impressed with our artists this year.”

“I have some great singers, and I think it comes down to people at this point not only falling in love with the voice, but with the person,” Gwen shared. “It’s ridiculous this season. I know we say that every season and it always feels that way, but this season has a particularly big task.”

‘I really couldn’t tell you [who might win]Reba agreed.

The votes two-piece season 24 finale airs Monday, December 18 at 8 PM PT/ET and Tuesday, December 19 at 9 PM PT/ET on NBC.

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